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A hilarious, lighthearted murder mystery party game for up to 16 players, age 14 and up for difficulty. Multiple kit sizes are available, covering up to 300 players.

There are 8 required characters with Kit A and Kits B-J have 12 required players (see host character lists for details). You also have the ability to make any optional character seem required by adding their round two post-murder clue into the game.

This is the boxed version of the game. Please see the video below, at the bottom of the page, to view an example boxed mystery party kit.

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Helpful Links: 

Sample game materials 

 Kit A: 8-16 unique roles. 

Host character list for characters #1-16 (main game)

Pre-game site (16 players)

Invitation (16 players)

Kit B: 12-24 unique roles.

Host character list for characters #17-24 (first 8 from expansion pack #1)

Pre-game site (24 players)

Invitation (24 players)

 Kit C: 12-32 unique roles.

 Host character list for characters #17-32 (expansion pack #1)

 Pre-game site (32 players)

Invitation (32 players)

Kit D-J: 12-48 unique roles 

Host character list for characters #33-48 (expansion pack #2)

Pre-game site (48 players)

Invitation (48 players)

Kits E-J: Refer to the expandable team roles in the host character list for Kit D. These kits (E-J) will come in the following sizes: 70, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 by adding the eight expandable teams (duplicated non-suspect team roles). See the breakdown below.

Murder Mystery Synopsis:

Henpecked Junction is a small, charming town chock full of the best trailer parks with the most offbeat, neighborly, and, well, troublemaking residents. The festival planners have spewed blood, sweat, and bacon grease to make this year's Mullet Fest the most extraordinary jubilee ever thrown in the town square. Everyone's chompin' at the bit to party this year, as Henpecked Junction recently received national recognition for bringing home a record number of winnin' titles, such as the Mullet of the Year Award, Muds & Suds Truck Race, Rompin', Stompin' Hot Dog Chomp - and the list goes on.

But the mayor's feelin' like a long-tailed cat in a room of rockin' chairs about how the townies will behave. Last year, the festival had to shut down b'fore sundown due to excessive table divin', portable potty vandalism, among other wrongdoings. So hopefully, everyone will be on their best behavior. Well, hmm, that bar ain't too high, if ya know what I'm sayin.' But can't never could do nothing, so the show will go on as planned.

I saw that you snagged your ticket to Mullet Fest, and I know you can't wait to see what all's being fried up for the food offerings.

This is where your story begins.


  • Bound host instruction booklet with a separate game-specific instruction sheet.
  • Printed, double-sided, detective-themed cards for pre-game, round one, round two, and the solution round for all players in the game.
  • Solution envelope (labeled, red, 6 by 9").
  • A 6 by 9" mystery investigation card for each player (cardstock, double-sided, detective themed).
  • Adhesive-backed name tag for each player.
  • Two required video links with a backup transcript.
  • Access to a pre-game task card site if you wish to do the pre-game electronically.

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If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license - click here to learn more.