We ship all party ready party packs straight to your address via UPS Ground or other service as you select during check out. We will ship mystery props within 1-2 business days and party ready packs within 2-3 business days. To calculate the time from purchase until you will receive your package - add the time it will take us to ship plus the amount of days from your selected shipping method.

International Shipping (outside of the U.S.) - please contact your country's UPS representative in advance for details to determine if you will be charged any additional customs or brokerage fees upon delivery. We will pay the UPS shipping fees on our end, but once the 3.0 lb. package labeled 'mystery party documents' reaches your country, there might be additional fees assessed by your country's customs that will be COD and will be your responsibility. These customs fees vary via region and we have no way to determine in advance what your country's customs fees will be.


Question: How long until I get my party pack and / or props?

For a party ready pack - these are custom prepared for you upon purchase - we have way too many options to keep stock. It will take 2-3 business days for our mystery elves to meticulously prepare your kit for your big day. With a prop only order, it's likely to ship the following business day. After this time, we will ship your package from Austin, Texas according to the shipping method you have chosen during purchase. We ship all over the globe on a daily basis!

Always give us your party date during the checkout process - we ask you - so don't ignore it! This way, we know if your ship method is appropriate and the kit will get to you on time!

Here is a handy UPS calculator. We are in Austin, Texas 78738 - enter us as the shipper and then put in your information as the recipient to see what the ship time will be for the various UPS options - and don't forget to add on the 2-3 business days of prep time for us to prepare your kit.

Click here for the UPS Shipping Calculator

Question: How much is shipping?

As far as shipping costs - it depends upon your address & the shipping method you select. The shipping is calculated by the UPS on our shopping cart on page #1. After you enter your shipping address, you can select the various UPS options to determine pricing. No worries - you can back out and get the download if the UPS prices are too high.

We have a more economical option for international purchases if you are not in a hurry: USPS International. This takes up to 10-12 business days, but it is a cheaper alternative. They don't give a guarantee - only an 'estimated date of arrival.' It is the United States Postal Service and once it gets to your country, it turns over to your local post - for example - with the UK, it turns into Royal Mail. Depending upon where you live, there may be associated customs fees. If you've ordered from the U.S. before - this purchase will be no different. We cannot predict what your region of the world will require - so check with your local post / local UPS (whichever method you choose to ship with) to determine if they will require additional customs fees for a package.


Question: What if UPS loses my package? 

If UPS loses your package, we will work with you and UPS to retrieve it. In our experience, after a thorough investigation and a bit of time lapses, you'll discover your neighbor has it, someone in your household accepted the package and put it somewhere, forgetting to tell you &/or the UPS left it with someone on record - such as an apartment main office.  Therefore, before you sound the alarms - check everything possible and maybe wait a day to see if it surfaces.

Once you contact us about it - we'll file a lost package report with UPS and they will begin their investigation. They will contact you and a federal investigator may be called out to your home.  They can and will put you on a list where you will NO LONGER be allowed to have packages left on your doorstep, and you will have to sign for all packages in the future.  Don't make our shipment be the one who puts you on the UPS signature only list for no reason!  On the other hand, UPS is run by humans and humans make mistakes.  It could happen.  Once the UPS investigation is complete, we can send a new package, but this may take 7-10 business days.

Hopefully, you've given yourself enough time in case an issue like this occurs.  If you're ordering the game at the last minute with no days to spare, and your package is lost, we can provide you with the download version - however, that means you'll need to prepare the kit yourself.