Crime Scene Decor Pack

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This party decor kit includes: 

  • 10 yellow 'crime scene do not cross' balloons (helium-grade latex, 11")
  • 20 feet of caution barrier tape
  • 1 package of evidence marker cards (use these anywhere for decor or to set up a mock crime scene after the victim has been revealed).
  • 1 package of a body silhouette mat

Here are ways you can use this kit: 

1. Decorate your mystery party as a festive crime scene with bright yellow 'crime scene do not cross' balloons and barrier tape (i.e., use the evidence markers to mark dishes on your buffet line, etc.).  Everyone knows it's a murder mystery, so make it festive upon arrival! 

2. Once your victim is revealed, bring out this CSI decor kit and create a scene.  Put the body silhouette mat down where the victim sign says the victim died and then blow up the balloons (they are helium grade). You can tie ribbons on the balloons and weigh them down with balloon weights (this can be soup cans covered in black fabric), and line your scene with the barrier tape.  Last, place the evidence markers around the area for a great effect.  Note - this isn't to be used for sleuthing - just for a fun addition to the night and for great photo opps!