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Immerse in Intrigue: Ultimate CSI Party Decor Kit

Unveil the secrets of the night with our immersive CSI Party Decor Kit! Transform your space into an exhilarating crime scene filled with mystery, surprise, and photo-worthy moments. With quality components and versatile applications, this kit is the perfect addition to amplify the thrill of your mystery party!

Included in the Kit:

  • 10 'Crime Scene Do Not Cross' Balloons: Crafted from helium-grade latex, these 11" yellow balloons instantly set the crime scene vibe!
  • 20 Feet of Caution Barrier Tape: Outline your mock crime scene or decorate your space with this eye-catching barrier tape.
  • Evidence Marker Cards Package: Strategically place these markers to create a crime scene ambiance or to label dishes on your buffet line.
  • Body Silhouette Mat Package: Illustrate the tragic fate of the victim with this dramatic body outline.

Creative Ways to Utilize the Kit:

  1. Festive Crime Scene Arrival: Greet your guests with a decorated crime scene! Use the yellow balloons and barrier tape to create a mysterious ambiance. The evidence markers are perfect for labeling your delicious buffet dishes.
  2. Recreate the Crime Scene: Once the victim is unveiled in your game, it’s time to bring the crime scene to life! Place the body silhouette mat as per the victim's sign, inflate the helium-grade balloons, and secure them with DIY balloon weights (try using soup cans wrapped in black fabric). Line the area with the barrier tape and position the evidence markers for a dramatic effect. While not for sleuthing, this setup serves as a fun and engaging backdrop for memorable photo opportunities!  You can have it all ready-to-go in an out of the way location before the party.

Set the scene for an unforgettable murder mystery experience and keep your guests on the edge of their seats with our Ultimate CSI Party Decor Kit! Order now and let the investigation begin!