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 Each package features paper play money with one hundred $100 dollar bills of play mystery money. Each bill measures 9" x 4". Includes 100 play money bills per package.  Great for the money challenge Bonus game, which is included in most party ready packs. If you purchase the money pack and the money challenge isn't included with your game, simply email us to request the instructions!

  • Includes 100 play money bills per package - 20 $1 bills, 20 $5 bills, 20 $10 bills, 20 $20 bills, and 20 $100 bills. 
  • Bills measures 9" by 4"
  • Features paper play money
  • Great for the Sin City mystery party, and any mystery party with a money bonus game. 


  • 5
    Great addition.

    Posted by Beatrice on Dec 16th 2017

    I'm tellin' ya - Play the money game along with your mystery party - it's a hoot. Money looks great, but it doesn't fit in the game envelopes, but I just passed it out when I started the game.

  • 5
    Great idea!

    Posted by Julie on Sep 11th 2017

    I love the play money and it will add to the murder mystery game in multiple ways. Photo prop, bribe money for information between the characters, and other games. Good quality Wish they sold other props like the height measurement and suspect arrest information board for photo props.