House of Groove | Expansion pack #3

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Do not purchase this pack without also purchasing expansion packs #1 and #2, as they should be played in order.

This is an instantly downloadable expansion pack including 4 additional characters - 1M, 1F, 2 FLEX (see the character list below). This document should be printed in addition to the original Panic at the House of Groove game kit and expansion packs #1 and #2.  

 If you purchase this pack without #1 and/or #2, you can still play these characters. It is suggested to play the expansion packs in order, as the characters on the character lists are added in order.  You'll have characters from expansion packs #1 and #2 (purchased separately) listed on your free invite and Your Mystery Party pre-game player site, as well as the guest list.

Do not assign characters to your guests from expansion pack #1 or #2 if you did not purchase them. Use the host character lists of the items purchased to assign your guests to a character. Never allow your players to choose their characters. 

Click here for the invite and click here for the character list

EXPANDABLE TEAMS: this pack has two characters that may be expanded into a team that will play along with their team leader during the game. See the host character list above for further details. You can add up to 25 (or more) players to each team. There are separate files on your account to download for the teams. Make a copy of the file for as many players as you’ll have on each team. This is a great way to include more players without adding more suspects to the game.
The team players will have the same types of materials as the other players, but they do not have character names – they’ll use the generic team nametags to designate their role in the game (this is given in the team files).


Released: 1/27/24

The new guest pre-game site (freebie) is:

Send your players here before the game so they can get ready for the mystery!



  • Main Game: 14 unique suspect roles (purchased separately)
  • Expansion pack #1: 6 unique suspect roles (purchased separately)
  • Expansion pack #2: 6 unique suspect roles (purchased separately)
  • Expansion pack #3: 4 unique suspect roles - this product
  • Expandable team of up to 25+ players with Marlo Bando (Expansion pack #3) as his entourage.
  • Expandable team of up to 25+ players with Kelly Douglas(Expansion pack #3) as the film crew.

Therefore, you have 30 unique roles and 50+ expandable team (non-suspect) players.