Grand Gatsby Expansion Pack #3

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This is a downloadable expansion pack including 12 additional characters (5 female, 7 male) for the 1920s Murder Mystery Game 'Murder at the Grand Gatsby Speakeasy.' (See the character list below). This document should be printed in addition to the original Murder at the Grand Gatsby Speakeasy Murder game kit and Expansion Pack #1 and #2 (see below). This is not a complete 'stand alone' game - it is only to be purchased if you are needing up to 12 additional characters for the 'Murder at the Grand Gatsby' murder mystery party game.  This is the instant download version of the expansion pack - no waiting, no shipping fees. 

It is optimal to order the expansion pack #1 and #2 in addition to this one, as the characters are added onto the suspect list in order.  However, this will not affect game play - it is only optimal.  In other words, your invitation and Your Mystery Party guest pre-game site will include all available players - even ones you may not have purchased from expansion packs #1 and #2. You do not need to cast the roles that you are purchasing in their entirety - the optional players may be played in any combination. However, you should add the expansion packs in order so you don't have extra players on your suspect list.  It's okay if you do have extras, but to be 'optimal', add the expansion packs in order of occurrence. 

Warning: do not assign players from expansion packs #1-2 if you haven't purchased those expansion packs. These players are added to the list in order of occurrence, so if you are only purchasing expansion pack #3 with the main game - you must realize that on both the free invite and the guest pregame site (link below) - the expansion pack #1 and #2 players are included on the list. 

  Click here for the character list and click here for the invite

mmp-direct-guests.jpg is your new guest link for the pre-game site. Send your players here for more information before the party.


Note: never allow your guests to choose their characters from the free invite or guest pregame site as there may be characters you haven't purchased - such as in expansion pack #1-2. You, as the host, are to choose the characters for your guests from the characters that you have purchased.   

Under no circumstances will we give refunds for expansion packs purchased out of order. 


  • 5
    Impressive amount of depth

    Posted by RT on Jul 1st 2019

    We had a 56 person murder mystery party and I couldn't have asked for a better program. Each character was given a specific action to do and in the end all of the secrets came out like a 1920's Jerry Springer show. It was fabulous. Thank you! Can't wait to use you guys again.

  • 5
    Totally worth the money!!

    Posted by Eleni on Jun 18th 2019

    I was throwing a large activity with around 60 attendees. While it was absolute madness organizing a venue, food and games for that many people everyone had a blast!! Even though I was too busy all night to actually participate in the game, I loved seeing everyone get into character and get so excited when the villain was finally revealed!!