Trouble in Thornwood | Expansion pack #3

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This expansion pack #3 adds up to 8 unique roles and up to 150+ expandable team roles to the main game Trouble in Thornwood (purchased separately) - a non-murder, stolen artifact mystery party game. It is optimal to play the expansion packs in order, as the characters are added to the growing suspect list on both the free invitation and the pre-game site.


All 8 unique suspect roles are optional and may be played in any combination with optional players from other packs in the game. You can skip any of the optional players from the main game or other expansion packs and add the characters from this pack.  Adding the expandable teams is also optional. 


You will receive an expansion pack #3 file (Adobe PDF) which contains the host instructions and game materials for the 8 unique suspect roles. Print this in addition to the original mystery game file and expansion packs #1-2 (all purchased separately). 

You will also receive 6 optional expandable team files (all PDFs). You can download these files and make a copy for each member on the teams (as described below and in the character list), and expand your game to over 200 players when all packs have been purchased.  Two of the team files contain bonus evidence. 


This is the downloadable version of the expansion pack #3 and is not seamless with the boxed set version - they are two separate products. 



Here's the breakdown of how to host a large game with the main game and all expansion packs (all packs purchased separately):

  • 16 unique characters with the main game 
  • 8 unique characters with expansion pack #1
  • 8 unique characters with expansion pack #2 
  • 8 unique characters with expansion pack #3

Up to 25+ players assorted into the following teams that come with expansion pack #3: 

  • Mystic Crew - Magician’s Assistants with Lou Violet
  • City Manager’s Office Staff with Sage Maroon
  • Graduate Students with Dr. Cass Obsidian
  • The Entourage of Echo Amethyst
  • Mobsters of the Emerald Syndicate with Ember Lime
  • Unknown town visitors with John/Jane Silver

Therefore, you have 40 unique suspect roles by purchasing all available packs, and 6 expandable teams that can add up to 25+ players on each team.  

What are expandable teams and how do they differ from expansion pack players?

 Expansion packs contain unique character roles – all suspects - to add to the game, primarily seamlessly with the main game-required players. A specified player(s) is designed to lead an optional team during the game. It's as if this team leader got the invitation and decided to bring along friends, family, or colleagues (this varies). Assume (in the story) that these tag-along guests don't know anyone at the party. What would they speak to the other partygoers about? Well, they have a mutual friend (their team leader), so these players have game cards that contain their team leader's story. For example, Lou Violet brings their assistants, The Mystic Crew. The Mystic Crew’s cards have backstories and clues about their boss (Lou) that they will use to mingle and discuss with others (or they can play strictly as a team and stay with Lou). The expandable players have duplicated cards – but they all will have materials like everyone else. If you do the download version, you’ll have a separate file to download and make a copy for each player on the team. The party pack will prepare these roles just like the rest of the roles in the game – they have the same type of materials. They are second-tier players because they do not have unique character names or stories but play the game like everybody else. 

 Do expandable teams get character names, and will they feel included?

 They are not assigned names to make them appear as unique characters and, therefore, suspects. Once you give a character name - the other players will consider them suspects, adding confusion to your investigation and drawing more attention to the player in a secondary role. Therefore, try to avoid passing these off as equal player roles. Everyone should understand that a game has a finite number of unique characters/suspect roles. The alternative to these secondary roles is for your extra players to be bystanders without game materials, which you can do - but it's best to give them a team role to keep them engaged. Assign your more reserved players to these roles, as they would prefer to have them, as well as your last-minute add-ons. Believe us – not everyone wants to have the spotlight, and most players are very happy with these team roles. In the end, it’s about solving the case, which they get to do like everyone else.  


All downloadable products are final sale - we will not give refunds for expansion packs that are purchased out of order or unused with no exceptions. Do not purchase the expansion pack unless you need to use it - there's no reason to purchase it before you have your confirmed players, as you have access to the host list and free invitation/pre-game site without purchasing the pack. 

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