OMG 80s expansion pack #3

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**Do not purchase this expansion kit without purchasing the Oh My Gosh Murder mystery game and the expansion packs #1 - #2 (both purchased separately) for this game.*This is an instant downloadable expansion pack #3 including 6 additional characters - 3M, 3E (see the character list below). Use Adobe Reader to view and print this file. 

  • The expansion pack #1 (purchased separately) and expansion pack #2 (purchased separately) should be played (or at least 'most' of the characters played) before adding this expansion pack #3. However, if you really only want the characters from this expansion pack #3 and want to skip expansion packs #1-2 - just know that the characters are added to the list on the free invitation, the guest list, and the player pre-game site – so you’ll have characters you haven’t purchased on your character list. 

  • You must pay attention to the order to read in round three (it's in the host instructions). 

  • Do not assign characters from expansion pack #1 or #2 for your guests (they will be on your free invite character list and the pre-game site).  Use the host character list on the files you have purchased to assign players.

  •  We will not refund expansion packs or give expansion packs for free if you purchase them out of order by mistake or if you assign players that are not listed on your host character lists of your purchased files. 

  • Never allow your guests to choose their characters from the free invite or guest pregame site as there may be characters you haven't purchased - such as in expansion pack #1 or #2. You, as the host, are to choose the characters for your guests from the characters that you have purchased.    

    This expansion pack is not seamless with the party pack (boxed) version of the game. If you need more players for your boxed set, go to the party pack add-on option. 

Helpful links

- Host character list for expansion pack 3

- Free invitation for expansion pack #3 (this will have characters from the main game, expansions #1, #2, and #3 - all purchased separately. Only assign the characters that you have purchased - use the host character lists that come with each pack). 

- Free player pre-game site  - use this link when you add this pack. This site will have characters from the main game, expansions #1, #2, and #3 - all purchased separately. 

Your new pre-game site is

mmp-direct-guests.jpgThis game was updated on 7/2/24. Previous versions will not be seamless.