Poolside Pandemonium | Expansion Pack #2

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Note: it is best to play the expansion packs in order since the packs are added to the character lists on the pre-game site and invitation in order. If you skip expansion pack #1 - you'll still have expansion pack #1 players listed on your pre-game player site and invitation.

This is a 6 optional character, gender flexible expansion pack #2 for the Pandemonium at the Poolside game, instant download version. Print this in addition to the main game and expansion pack #1 files of the downloadable version of the game (purchased separately).  This file is not entirely seamless with the boxed set version of the game.

To add on boxed set players to your existing boxed kit, go to the party pack add-on site. 

mmp-direct-guests.jpgPublication date: 4/20/24

 This is the instant download version of the game - everything you will need to play for the additional 6 players is included in the download.