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Are you in the midst of planning a summer mystery party game? Nothing says 'fun in the sun' while solving a mystery like sunburst danglers, watermelon and some fun & festive sunflower cutouts!  This kit is perfect for any mystery party that you are hosting in your backyard, such as our Grillin' Chillin' Killin' backyard barbecue murder mystery party or any block party theme, such as Murder on 614 Scarlet Court or Magnolia Avenue

  • Watermelon streamer (assembly required), 6" by 5'
  • Sunflower cutouts (7 sunflowers) 4-9", printed on both sides
  • Two bright 8" yellow tulle puffs (1 package, 2 puffs) - hang anywhere for a fun, festive effect. Yellow is the HAPPY color! 
  • Ten latex 11' balloons - assorted colors, helium quality
  • Two sunburst danglers, 30" in length