Hatter's Ball | Expansion pack #2

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This is a downloadable expansion pack which adds 16 unique characters - (see the character list below for details) which may be played in any combination or number along with the other optional players in the game. This document should be printed in addition to the original game kit and expansion pack. This is not a complete 'stand alone' game.  

Again, for your game to flow optimally, you must purchase the main game as well as Expansion Pack #1. Why? Because the characters on the character list are added in order - so if you didn't purchase expansion pack #1, those players will be listed on both the Your Mystery Party pregame site for your guests and the free printable invitation. It's not a huge deal, as they can simply be overlooked by everybody, but for your game to be optimal, it's best to use the expansion packs in order.

Click here for the invite for 40 players (main game and expansion pack #1 are purchased separately, but the characters are included on this invitation)

and click here for the character list 


Note: never allow your guests to choose their characters from the free invite or guest pregame site as there may be characters you haven't purchased - such as in expansion pack #1. You, as the host, are to choose the characters for your guests from the characters that you have purchased.   



  • 5
    Ideal for large groups

    Posted by Kendra on Sep 22nd 2021

    I have about 35 people playing this game, and the expansion pack #2 is brilliant. Although there are a few (not so nice characters) that I left out. But overall so glad there was this option

  • 5
    Great expansion pack, great characters

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 6th 2018

    Loved the game

  • 4
    HAtter's Ball

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 18th 2016

    Characters in EXpansion Pack #2 are awesome. Expansion Pack #2 should really be Expansion Pack #1. They should be reversed.