As the Ball Drops | Expansion pack #2

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Purchase the expansion packs in order, or you'll have extra characters listed on your suspect list, invitation, and pre-game site from expansion pack #1, which is purchased separately. This is an expansion pack including 6 additional characters - all flexible gender (see the character list below). Two of the optional roles include optional expandable teams to expand the game even further to cover 100+ players when all packs are purchased (see the breakdown below). 

There are three required players that must be played together and three optional players in this pack.  If you need to add less than three - you'll assign the optional players. If you need 3 or more players, you'll use the required players plus any optional players you choose.

The expansion pack players have the same materials as the main game players.  This document should be printed in addition to the main game of the As the Ball Drops NYE murder mystery party game.  

You will receive two separate and optional expandable team files with this purchase. You'll print a copy of the file for each member of the team, just like with the main game file purchase. 

Click here for the character list and click here for the invite
Your new Your Mystery Party site that includes the expansion pack players is:

How to Host a Large Party with this New Year's Theme

  • 12 main game unique character roles (purchased separately)
  • 6 unique character roles from expansion pack #1 (purchased separately)
  • 6 unique character roles from expansion pack #2 (purchased separately)
  • Team of up to 26 players as fellow moochers of Takey Takerton (main game purchase)
  • Team of up to 26 players as Dakota Wren’s Sous Chefs (expansion pack #2)
  • Team of up to 26 players as Marley Larkspur’s Crew (expansion pack #2)

Therefore, you'll have 24 unique suspects and up to 78 non-suspect, duplicated team roles that play under three specified characters (see host character lists for details).