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A fun zombie-themed murder mystery party for ages 15 and up, 8-16 (or more, see kit sizes below) players. Non-gender specific - play co-ed, all female or all male! Expandable to over 40 guests with the main game by adding additional guests to play with the 3 expandable characters.

Six out of ten for difficulty.

Helpful Links:

Host character list (players #1-16)
Free, printable invitation
 5 character expansion pack host character list (21 player kit)
Sample game materials.
Downloadable version of the game
Free, pre-game player site at 'Your Mystery Party'


Murder Mystery Synopsis:   

Three weeks ago, the lively town of Sunnyville was devastated with the H5N1 Zombie Virus, a plague that turns the living into zombies.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has quarantined the town, and the federal government issued veiled threats to wipe out the zombies to prevent a pandemic nightmare. The CDC scientists rallied, created a vaccine and placed it in the water supply of the surrounding human population outside of Zombie Town, and halted the epidemic. Nobody outside of a few government officials ever knew the difference.

The citizens of the newly-established Zombie Town aren't like the undead portrayed in the movies. The people of the town are dead and decomposing but remain the same upstanding citizens as they were before. However, the H5N1 virus has plagued them with an intense craving for living human flesh. For this reason, they cannot live among humans. 

Even though the government tried to keep the epidemic a secret, word got out, and human rights activists outside of the former Sunnyville formed the Save a Zombie Alliance. Millions banded together across the world and persuaded the federal government to sign a peace treaty with the zombies.

Ashes, the self-appointed Emperor of Zombie Town, is currently negotiating the truce with the U.S. President. Ashes has agreed the zombies will not cross the border of Zombie Town. Because there are warning signs posted for miles surrounding the Zombie Town’s edge, the President decided that if a living human ends up inside of the Zombie Town border, they will be approved for a zombie's dinner table. Ashes and the President are set to sign the treaty as soon as the fine-points are worked out.

The citizens are happy to be at peace with the feds.  They have discovered through rigorous testing that they could sustain themselves by eating pumpkins. Alas, the fruit curbs hunger and provides nutrients, but does not prevent the intense cravings for living human flesh.  Appetite suppression has led to turmoil and discontent in the town of the undead. Ashes must pump up the morale of the citizens. Leary of impending civil unrest, the Undead Festival has been scheduled. This will be a town-wide celebration with delicious pumpkin-inspired food, rockin’ music, and fun zombie games.  You are a zombie living in Zombie Town. You plan to attend the festival. This is where your story begins.

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If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license - click here.

Minimum age:
15 years due to difficulty
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 6/10
Gender of character roles:
Flexible (most)
Minimum # of players:
8 players
Kit sizes:
5 different kit sizes, ranging up to a total of 51 players.
Expandable teams?:
Yes, kits C (10), D (20) & E (30) have expandable team players.
Date of publication:
March, 2010. Last revised on October 2016
Game license:
Single, private use. For the game license's Terms and Conditions, see below.