Boos Bar Decorating Kit for a Mystery Party

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Looking for a unique, festive, and just a touch spooky vibe for your Halloween mystery party bar this year? Say hello to our exclusive Boos Bar Decorating Kit!

  • 6 Bottle Labels: Transform your bottles with our unique stickers, adding an eerie touch to your drinks!

  • 2 Wall Fan Decorations: Elevate your bar’s ambiance with these hauntingly beautiful wall fan decorations.

  • 2 Food Picks: Give your appetizers a spooky flair with these themed food picks.

  • 2 Table Tent Decorations: Enhance your table setting with these creepy yet chic table tent decorations.

  • 1 Letter Banner: Make a statement with our bold 'Boos Bar!' banner, setting the tone for a night of frightful fun!

Create a spine-tingling and memorable bar experience that will have your guests raising their spirits all night long!