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A hilarious Christmas themed murder mystery party game for 10-20+ guests, ages 14 and up (due to difficulty) - instantly downloadable upon purchase. There are 50 unique players available with both expansion packs (purchased separately), and the game may be expanded to over 200+ players by using expandable teams. See the breakdown at the bottom of the page on how to host a large party. Spoil yourself, and choose the party ready option above, and our dedicated staff will fold and slip your clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards.  Without the party ready option selected, you will have some assembly required with your kit and there will be spoilers upon opening the kit and viewing the rounds 2 and 3 clue cards.   The download version is a different product and does not come with the party pack, as they are not seamless and materials should not be used together. 

There are two required videos to play during the game. You will be able to stream from YouTube, Vimeo, or download from Vimeo or your account (re-posting them is not allowed).  There are back-up transcripts in case you are unable to play them during the party for any reason. 


Note: the game will not contain any highly inappropriate content.  

This is the traditional in-person, mingling format. If you need a virtual game for Christmas to play on Zoom or other video chat platform - we got your back.  Click here for the virtual selection.  At this time, we do have a murder and non-murder virtual Christmas game. 


Helpful Links: 

Sample game materials.

Instant download version - print, prepare, and play!

Pre-game site at Your Mystery Party for 20 player game

Host character lists: 

Characters #1-20
Characters #21-30 (expansion pack #1)
Characters #31-50 (expansion pack#2)

Free, printable invitations:

Kit A: 20 player invitation
Kit B: 30 player invitation 
Kits C-F: 50+ player invitation



Murder Mystery Party Game Synopsis 

A master of deception, the reclusive Christopher Clause tricked many people into attending what he referred to as the ‘most wondrous party of the year.’ After everyone arrived at Clause Manor, Christopher had his staff lock the guests inside with no chance of escape. The party-goers were shocked to see Christopher, wearing a Santa suit in a faraway location, pop onto a monitor in the living room. He warned that someone would be leaving in a coroner’s bag!

The eccentric millionaire was a mastermind and had selected the guest list meticulously. It wasn’t long before tempers flared inside of the holiday pressure cooker while they worked on Chris's demented riddle. There wasn’t much surprise when a dead body emerged, and a killer lurked among them.

Christopher popped back on the monitor, laughing and cheering with delight. His twisted plan had fallen into place. He gave another riddle for the guests to solve and announced that he would be contacting the authorities. He cautioned that all attendees would be a suspect in this murder if they didn’t find the killer before the red and blues swirled in the front driveway.

The guest scurried about, interrogating each other until they could turn over no more stones. Once they found the killer, the detainees were able to leave the manor, never to speak of the night’s events again.


  • 10- 20 characters with the main game
  • 10-30 characters with expansion pack #1
  • 10-50 characters with expansion pack #1-2
  • 10-50 unique characters and duplicate team members of: 6 Frederick Waters' army, 6 members of Merry Palmer's family, 6 of Rachel Greene's friends, and 7 of Antonio Sopranos minions
  • 10-50 unique characters and duplicate team members of: 12 Frederick Waters' army, 12 members of Merry Palmer's family, 13 of Rachel Greene's friends, and 13 of Antonio Sopranos minions
  • 10-50 unique characters and duplicate team members of: 18 Frederick Waters' army, 19 members of Merry Palmer's family, 19 of Rachel Greene's friends, and 19 of Antonio Sopranos minions
  • 10-50 unique characters and duplicate team members of: 25 Frederick Waters' army, 25 members of Merry Palmer's family, 25 of Rachel Greene's friends, and 25 of Antonio Sopranos minions

If you would like a large kit made available - contact us via email and we'll add the option for you. 

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Minimum age:
14 years for difficulty
Gender of players:
Expansion packs?:
#1 (10 players) and #2 (20 players)
Expansion packs have expandable teams to expand to over 200 players