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Zombie Escape | A mystery game

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    A non-murder zombie escape room mystery party for 4 players to an unlimited amount of guests, ages 13 to adult!  The group will divide into teams of 2-4 and undergo 8 exciting challenges of puzzles, riddles, codes, and more - all while attempting to solve the mystery of how to make the zombie cure and find the identity of the saboteur who released the virus in the building!

    This non-murder game will have printed and video components, but there will be backup scripts for the videos in case you do not have access to a device/set up to play the videos. Note: the players will not play individual character roles, but rather they are in a group on a tour of the facility.  The suspects in this case are the 7 scientists of The Zombie Institute, which are not actual players in the game.  This is the instant download version of the game - no waiting, and avoid shipping fees. However, if  you prefer a boxed set, click on the link below to have us prepare your kit. 

    Five star difficulty rating.



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    The Zombie Institute is a world-renowned zombie research center. After the epidemic-scare of 2035, top scientists from around the globe have dedicated their lives researching the Gen-Z Virus - a fast-acting virus that turns humans into brainless undead. Humankind has been on the brink of a zombie apocalypse for some time, and the Zombie Institute has shown promise in the development of the cure. Rumor has it that one of the research labs has discovered the cure. However, further clinical trials must be completed before the official announcement is made. 

    You have scheduled a tour of The Zombie Institute. Your group will get to tour the research labs, meet the scientists, and view our zombie research subjects!

    This is where your story begins.


    • Host instructions - detailed and easy to follow
    • Instructions for your guests
    • Three downloadable videos - introduction, mid-point, and solution (you can download from your account, Vimeo, or stream from YouTube or Vimeo)
    • Backup scripts for the videos
    • Instructions and materials (when applicable) for 8 challenges (4 in each of the two trials)
    • Trial summary sheets for the host (great to have for a reference with you during the game)
    • Bios for the 7 researchers (suspects)
    • Saboteur clues (to be won in the challenges)
    • Zombie cure clues (to be won in the challenges)
    • Dr. Franken's lab's test tube reference sheet
    • Downloadable visitor name tags (optional to use)
    • Downloadable event tickets for the tour (optional to use)
    • Answer key to the game (this is a separate file - do not open/view if you are playing along)
    • Downloadable party host checklist and guest worksheet
    • Mystery investigation sheet(s) (Zombie Institute Letterhead)
    • Menu suggestions and recipes
    • Free downloadable invitation
    • Free guest pre-game site at Yourmysteryparty.com/zombieinstitute


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  • Other Details

    Number of players: Minimum of 4 to an unlimited amount of players.
    Gender of players: It doesn't matter - the players do not play the roles of suspects.
    Minimum age: 13 to adult for difficulty and because it's 'zombie' themed.
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    1. Value for money

      I chose the download version of this game. We played it the first time with four of us and it was really cool although none of us got the right answer at the end. We had three hours of fun. The clues and activities are really fun some harder than others. We will be doing it again amd I will be host. I think it will blow better now that I know how it works and I am not involved in the game. We all felt that it was a good deal for the price and we will be looking to buy another game in the near future. on Sep 27th 2019

    2. Fun!

      Game was different from the rest of the MyMysteryParty games, so I liked this, but will go back to the other format for the next game. No role playing with this one and that was good for a change, but our group really likes to role play. This could work great for a huge group, though. on Jan 21st 2018

    3. Guest lost interest quickly

      I purchased Zombie escape for a Halloween party. First, I must caution hosts - do not get this game if you're not good at being organized. There are 8 challenges, which all have materials associated with them. Download all the associated files, print, and get ready to spend a couple of hours getting everything sorted. This isn't a game to print and quickly play.

      With that said, we had a lot of fun with these challenges and loved the video additions to the game. The mystery wasn't all too easy to figure out, but my guests had fun trying to solve both objectives. Only 2 of the 14 people playing agreed on the correct answer - but that's OK! Glad it wasn't too easy! I can see how this game could be played with a huge group, as well, but we only had 14 and did two teams of 7.

      Overall - great game and good to change it up (our group does a bunch of mystery parties), but I think I'll go back to the traditional format of role playing for next Halloween - we prefer that format.

      on Oct 31st 2017

    4. Good game, but a bit confusing to plan

      We have family game nights and I've hosted many of this company's games and loved them all. Most of the time, the games are in one document. This one comes with multiple files to download - but I prefer all in one. I get why they did it, but the other way just works for me.

      With that said, the game was fun and a refreshing change. We had 12 playing with three teams and the challenges were fun and not too difficult. I like that it's a mystery that you can play together - as opposed to everyone being a character. I admit that I got my things disorganized and that caused a bit of a speed bump, but that was my fault. You need to be organized with this game and keep stuff in order.

      All in all - worth the time to prepare and play. But as the host, make sure you spend time preparing for the night and get the materials in order so everything goes smoothly.
      on Oct 29th 2017