Twenties mystery game decor kit

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Throwing a 1920's murder mystery party? Elevate your event with our Roaring Twenties Decor Kit, designed to infuse your space with sparkle, glam, and the vivacious spirit of the era!

  • (10) Gold and Black Balloons: These 11", helium-quality balloons bring a touch of elegance and festivity to your venue, embodying the opulence of the 1920s.

  • 1 Package of 3 Gold mini columns: These gleaming columns add a dash of sophistication, creating an immersive atmosphere reminiscent of the Jazz Age. Hang them in your party space to add a bit of glitz.

  • (1) 0.5 oz Package of Black and Gold Confetti: Sprinkle this dazzling confetti on tables, buffets, and bar surfaces to effortlessly add sparkle and enhance the festive vibe of your space.

  • (1) Package of 5 1920’s Themed Premium Hanging Decorations: Suspend these themed decorations from ceilings, thresholds, or walls to infuse your party with a fun and authentic '20s splash.

  • (1) Speakeasy Door Cover: Featuring prints of a wooden door, prohibition signs, and shadows of approaching policemen, this door cover sets the perfect scene for a speakeasy or gangster-themed party! It creates an intriguing entrance and transports your guests back to the lively and rebellious 1920s.

Get ready to step back in time and immerse your guests in the thrilling and glamorous world of the Roaring Twenties with this exquisite decor kit!


This kit was updated on 9/26 to include the gold columns which are not shown in the video below at this time.