Turmoil in the Toyshop Christmas Mystery

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A fun family Christmas non-murder mystery party with 7-20 unique character roles for all ages (however- under 12 years of age will require some help sleuthing) set in the North Pole! Five characters can be expanded and played as teams during the mystery party. Invite up to 100+ guests for your Christmas bash (kit sizes above).

This is the boxed set (party pack) version of this game. Select the party ready, spoiler-free option above, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards. If you do not select this option, you will have some assembly required with your kit.

Four out of ten for difficulty.

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 Corresponding pre-game site for your guests

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Mystery Synopsis:

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of year again! The annual pre-Christmas toy production meeting in Christmas Village is just around the corner. Get ready to deck the halls and jingle all the way! Mrs. Claus has pulled out all the stops for this meeting. Not only will there be important business discussions, but she's kicking things off with a sleigh-full of fun. We're talking Christmas games, mouthwatering holiday treats, and, of course, a little yuletide gossip.

Not to stir up any sugarplum drama, but let's be honest, this year hasn't been without its challenges. We've had more hiccups in toy production than Santa's belly laughs. The sleigh's navigation system has been more tangled than a string of Christmas lights. And let's not even get started on the reindeer dynamics—it's been a real reindeer rodeo.

But fear not! We're here to save Christmas, one mug of eggnog at a time. We need to put our candy cane-filled heads together and find solutions to these holly jolly hurdles. Because let's face it, Christmas calamities are about as welcome as a fruitcake at a gingerbread house party.

And hey, speaking of fruitcakes, there are some anonymous voices in the workshop who think the Naughty and Nice List needs a check-twice makeover. They're not pointing fingers, but let's just say they have some beef with Good Ole St. Nick's management style. It's time for an elf intervention! 

So, my fellow workshop warriors, let's gather in the toyshop boardroom and sleigh this meeting like Santa on Christmas Eve. We'll tackle the challenges, spread the holiday cheer, and make sure this year's toy delivery is smoother than Santa's beard after a fresh trim. Remember, we're a team—Santa's merry dream team—and together, we'll make this the merriest and brightest Christmas yet! Deck the halls and let's rock this meeting!

If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license - click here. 

Minimum age:
All ages (young ones will need adult assistance)
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 4/10
Gender of character roles:
Minimum # of players:
7 players
Kit sizes:
4 different kit sizes, ranging up to 60 total players.
Expandable teams?:
Yes, kits B (10), C (20) & D (40) have expandable team players.
Date of publication:
Game release: 2007 Last revised 6/27/23. Previous versions will not be seamless.
Unique content:
Non-murder game. Printable illustration of the nice & naughty list to hunt for at the end of the game.
Game license:
Single, private use. See the game license's Terms and Conditions below.