Turmoil in the Toyshop Christmas Mystery

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A fun family Christmas non-murder mystery party for all ages (however- under 12 years of age will require some help sleuthing) set in the North Pole! There are 7 required characters and 20 unique players altogether! Five characters can be expanded and played as teams during the mystery party. Invite up to 75+ guests for your Christmas bash this year.

This is the boxed set (party pack) version of this game. Select the party ready option above, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards.  If you do not select this option, you will have some assembly required with your kit.

Four out of ten for difficulty.

Helpful Links:
Click here to view the character list!
Click here for the free, printable invitation!
Click here to view sample game materials.
Click here for the downloadable version of the game.
Direct your guests to the corresponding pre-game site at 'Your Mystery Party'



Mystery synopsis:

It was time for the annual pre-Christmas toy production meeting in Christmas Village!  Mrs. Santa sent the announcements to those most involved in the ‘Big Delivery’ on Christmas Eve.   The day of the meeting arrived and Christmas Village quickly became deserted as the worker elves – who were given the afternoon off – went to have a blast at a Holiday-themed Amusement Park called Yule Tide Worldin Gingersnap Village.  As expected, Dank the Elf staged an enormous protest about the elves having a break, but Santa had the final say! 

The meeting attendees flooded into the toy shop board room and the gathering kicked off with fun Christmas games.   After the ice was broken and everyone mingled about and enjoyed yummy appetizers, the participants talked Santa into playing a few more hilarious Christmas games for the North Pole is a playful place - how could Santa say no?  Even amidst the joyful yet competitive spirits, accusations flew about the room regarding ‘who’ was currently holding up the Christmas toy production and sleigh loading processes.   About midway through the meeting, Santa discovered the ultra-important Naughty and Nice List was missing from his inbox!  To avoid a Christmas disaster, the North Pole leaders quickly rallied together to investigate who took the Naughty and Nice List before Christmas was ruined!  The culprit had to be caught!  After an intense investigation, the meeting participants took turns accusing who they believed stole the Naughty and Nice List and what their motive was to steal it.  After taking a break to play some stress-relieving Christmas games, the Christmas leaders one by one quizzed each other on Christmas Carols and then came clean with their involvement, if any, and the thief confessed!  The meeting ended with a thrilling scavenger hunt for the missing Naughty and Nice List!  Overall, it was a pre-Christmas meeting that will never be forgotten in the North Pole. 

How to host a large party with the Turmoil in the Toyshop Christmas Mystery Party

Invite the following guests to play the roles below:

  • 20 unique main game players
  • Up to 15 duplicate 'minion managers that report to Dank the Elf'
  • Up to 15 duplicate 'assistants to Ebbie Smooge'
  • Up to 15 duplicate 'Employees of Pax the Elf'
  • Up to 15 duplicate 'Luna the Elf's Bag Stuffing Crew'
  • Up to 15 duplicate 'Rudy Reindeer's friends'

When you use an expandable team, you will assign each team member to the lead character on the character list. For example, invite 16 members to play the role of Rudy Reindeer. When the guests arrive, they are to assemble into a team and select a lead character. One player will actually play the role during the game and the rest of the members will play along as Rudy's Reindeer friends. The expandable players will receive duplicate materials to their team during the game. They will mingle about and play just like everybody else, but they will not have unique clues to their character, but rather to their team leader. These roles are great to expand the guest list while giving everybody a role in the game. Assign the most outgoing players to the unique players and the more shy/reserved guests to the expandable players.

Minimum age:
All ages (young ones will need adult assistance)
Number of players:
7-20 players
Available expansion pack:
Not at this time
Expandable team players?:
Expands to over 75 guests with teams
Gender of players: