Trouble in Thornwood | Non-Murder Boxed Set

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A fun non-murder adventure for a minimum of 8 players, ages 14 and up for difficulty. There are multiple kit sizes to choose from above from 16 to 200+ players. This is a case of a stolen ancient artifact. There are a total of 40 unique suspect roles available with the larger kit options. Expandable teams allow you to cover 200+ players - these are non-suspect, duplicated team roles, but they all have the same materials as everyone else to include them into the game.  

This is the boxed version of the game. Please see the video below, at the bottom of the page, to view an example boxed mystery party kit.  The download version is a different product and does not come with the party pack, as they are not seamless and materials should not be used together.  

6-star.jpgThis game was created on 02/26/24



 Kit A: 8-16 unique roles. 

Host character list for characters #1-16 (main game)

Pre-game site (16 players)

Invitation A (16 players)

Kit B: 14-24 unique roles.  This adds 6 more required players.

Host character list for characters #17-24 (expansion pack #1)

Pre-game site (24 players)

Invitation B (24 players)

 Kit C: 18-32 unique roles. This adds 4 more required players.

  Host character list for characters #25-32 (expansion pack #2)

  Pre-game site (32 players)

 Invitation C (32 players)

Kit D: 18-40 unique roles 

 Host character list for characters #33-40 (expansion pack #3)

 Pre-game site (40 players)

 Invitation (40 players)

Kits E-J: Refer to the expandable team roles in the host character list for Kit D. Kits E-J will include all 40 unique suspects from Kit D plus expandable teams. They'll come in the following sizes: 56, 72, 96, 120, 176, 200 by adding the six expandable teams (duplicated non-suspect team roles).  If you need a larger kit, or a different multiple of 8 - contact us.  


- Bound host instruction booklet - includes host instructions, player instructions, menu suggestions, bonus games, and links to the required videos

- Backup transcripts for the required videos

- Printed A2 envelopes. Each character has one for each round (pre-game, round one, two and three).  4 colors, sorted into bundles with an insert to designate the round.

- Printed clue cards (6" by 9", double-sided, detective-themed) for each character, for each round (pre-game, round one, two and three).  They are bundled by round. 

- A 6" by 9" printed, double-sided detective-themed investigation card for each player, separately bundled. 

- 7 bonus quest strips - these enable you to boost any of the optional players' roles in the game by giving them a side mission.

- Group challenge document.

- 6 evidence cards

- Adhesive-backed, peelable name tag for each player.

- Guest list (i.e., suspect list)

- Printed host character list 

- Answer key in a 6" by 9" envelope


   Nested in the breathtaking Thanos Mountains, Thornwood is a relatively small town. Hartford University, one of the world's most prestigious scholarly institutions, is the municipality's lifeblood and is famous for its extraordinary contributions to many academic fields.

     In recent news, Dr. Indiana Tawny, a famed archaeologist and professor at Hartford, unearthed a crown estimated to be a thousand years old from the submerged city of Posidonia. The crown, thought to be made of meteorite metals, platinum, and a combination of luminous minerals and bioluminescent organisms, might have belonged to the ancient city's ruling class. Scientists and historians from all corners of the world are desperate to participate in a collaborative research project surrounding the crown.

     But before the find becomes a perpetual laboratory subject, the mayor of Thornwood is hosting a celebratory bash for the discovery in Thornwood Town Hall. The night of the gala, the prized artifact will be displayed behind a glass case in the center of the Starlight Sonata Ballroom for all to admire.

     Soon after the announcement of the celebration, the town's hotels found themselves fully booked, as well as every restaurant in the city for days surrounding the event. The tickets for the event sold out in mere minutes, but you were fortunate to get your hands on one. This is where your story begins.


  • Kit A - Main Game: 16 Unique Players (8 required)
  • Kit B - adds Expansion Pack #1: 8 Unique Players with 6 of them being required. 
  • Kit C - adds Expansion Pack #2: 8 Unique Players with 4 of them being required.
  • Kit D - adds Expansion Pack #3: 8 Unique Players (all 8 are optional).
  • Kits E through J have varied numbers of expandable team players, all optional, which will be divided among the following teams: 
    • Magician's assistants with Lou Violet.  *This contains bonus evidence (a snapshot of a social media thread)
    • City Manager's Office staff with Sage Maroon. *This contains bonus evidence (a receipt)
    • Archaeology Graduate Students with Cass Obsidian.
    • Entourage of Echo Amethyst. 
    • Emerald Syndicate Mobsters with Ember Lime.
    • Tourists with John/Jane Silver.

For more information about how the expandable team players work, head over to our FAQ page and scroll down to the 'Optional Players' section. 


Minimum age:
14-15 years for difficulty
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 6/10
Gender of character roles:
All flexible
Kit sizes:
A:16, B:24, C:32, D:40 suspects - all unique roles. Kits E-J have expandable teams and 2 bonus pieces of evidence. E:56, F:72, G:96, H:120, I: 176, J: 200
Unique content:
Non-murder, 7 bonus quests, Required videos, group challenge, evidence cards instead of forensic report
Date of publication:
February 26, 2024
Game license:
Single, private use. For the game license's terms and conditions, see below.