Murder Mystery Decor Kit

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Add a little festivity to your murder mystery party! This is the Murder Mystery Decor Kit. Perfect for any murder mystery party in need of a spot of glitz, glam and spook. 

  • (1) bag of white super stretchy spider webbing with 4 plastic spiders. 
  • (10) black and silver latex 11" balloons - good for helium.
  • (1) package of black metallic whirls - six twirly whirls per package.
  • (1) 0.5 oz package of silver dot confetti - great for sprinkling on bars, tables, buffet surfaces in your event space. 
  • (1) package of 4 types of mysterious bottle labels - add to soft drinks bottles for kids Halloween parties or wine/any alcoholic bottles for adults.  Truth serum, Red Blood, Sulfuric Elixer , Liquid Phantom. Great for decor!

*Bottles not included. Sorry, if we don't say that, someone will call us on it :)