Trouble in Thornwood | Expansion Pack #1

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This expansion pack #1 adds up to 8 unique roles to the main game Trouble in Thornwood (purchased separately) - a non-murder, stolen artifact mystery party game. It is optimal to play the expansion packs in order, as the characters are added to the growing suspect list on both the free invitation and the pre-game site.


6 of these unique roles are required to be played together (players #17-22) and will be considered required players in the game, changing the total number of required to 14.  

If you only need 1-2 more players, then do not use characters #17-22 and select either or both of the  optional players (characters#23-24). 

You can skip any of the optional players from the main game and add the characters from this pack.  


This is the downloadable version of the expansion pack #1. This document should be printed in addition to the original mystery game file.  

This is the downloadable version of the game and not seamless with the boxed set version - they are two separate products. 



Here's the breakdown of how to host a large game with the main game and expansion pack #1 (this pack):

  • 16 unique characters with the main game (purchased separately)
  • 8 unique characters with expansion pack #1 (purchased separately)

 Therefore, you have 24 unique roles with the purchase of the main game and expansion pack #1 (purchased separately).  You can play two of the following ways with the main game and this pack, it's flexible:

  • 8-18 players - 8 required and up to 10 optional players
  • 14-24 players - 14 required and up to 10 optional players.

For example, if you have 17 players - you can play either way. It would depend on how 'for-sure' your required players are, as to which combination you should use. If you could possibly drop below 14 - then do the 8-18 player option.  If you are 100% certain you have at least 14 to play (or more), then you should play the 14-24 option. 

If you need more characters, there are more expansion packs - you can search for Thornwood on our site or they are linked to the main game's page under 'helpful links.' 

All downloadable products are final sale - we will not give refunds for expansion packs that are purchased out of order or unused with no exceptions. Do not purchase the expansion pack unless you need to use it - there's no reason to purchase it before you have your confirmed players, as you have access to the host list and free invitation/pre-game site without purchasing the pack. 

For the full terms and conditions, see below.