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Teen Idol Awards murder mystery

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    Get your glam gear ready for an exciting night of murder and mayhem at the Teen Idol Awards! A super fun teen murder mystery party (in-person, face-to-face format) for 8-16+ celebrities, 13 years and up. There are two 8 character expansion packs available, and this game can be expanded to over 60 players by using expandable teams (police officers, paparazzi). The story is set at the Teen Idol Awards and VIP After Party in the lovely city of Anonville. Host this party if you are up for loads of glamour, deceit, intertwining story lines and murder - all packaged in a fun celebrity murder mystery party! This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees!  Everything you need to host the game is included in the PDF file.Easy to host, easy to prepare. 

    You will receive a host instruction file, printable file, and a solution file.  You already have access to the free invitation and pre-game player site below, under helpful links.

    Four out of ten for difficulty.  The game was last revised on 9/15/21

    If you are looking for a virtual mystery party to be hosted on Zoom or other video chat platforms, click here. 

    Helpful Links:

    Click here to view the character list!
    Click here for the 8 chacter expansion pack (4F,3M,1either)!
     Click here for the 8 chacter expansion pack #2  (8 female) Expansion packs must be played in order.
    Click here for the free, printable invitation!
    Click here to view sample game materials.
    Click here for the boxed set - have My Mystery Party staff prepare your game kit!
    Direct your guests to the corresponding invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'


    Mystery Synopsis

    This year, at the Top Teen Idol award ceremony, the top celebrities will gather in the lovely city of Anonville.  Some will be honored, some will perform, and others will simply show up on the red carpet to have their picture taken for the press.  One male and female entertainer will be selected and honored as the Top Teen Idol of the year.  This is an annual honor bestowed upon the crème de la crème of Hollywood since 1964.

    The enthusiasm is heightened this year, as the fame factors of the attendees are higher than they have ever been – the competition is harsh! Eccentric personalities and ravenous attitudes will soon hit the red carpet on this fabulous night of glitz, glam and glitter. Hopefully, all will go smoothly with no mishaps.  You’ve received your ticket for the event, and this is where your story begins.  


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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 13 years (all murder games with a victim player are 13 and up)
    # of players: 8-16 players
    Expansion pack: 8 players, and 8 players
    Expandable?: Expands to over 60 with teams (including expansion packs)
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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    1. Awesome murder mystery

      I used this game pack for a group of 14 teenagers at a youth group event. They got into it so quickly because the descriptions are so fun and interesting and the rounds makes sense and they had a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this to anybody all you do is print it out hand out the parts and off you go. Loved it on Mar 2nd 2022

    2. Love, Love, Love

      I purchased this for my daughter's 16th birthday. They had a blast! It was so cute hearing them act out their parts.

      I have done several murder mystery parties. They did theirs in record time: around 1 hour! Even though, it didn't take away from their fun.
      on Oct 1st 2020

    3. Sweet 16 Birthday Party Was Awesome!

      I forgot to write a review in December when we hosted the Murder at the Teen Idol Awards for my daughter's 16th birthday. I was reminded today of how awesome it was when one of her friends asked for the website info so that she could host one for her upcoming birthday.

      The teens had a blast and were fully engaged in the mystery for 2-3 hours, and they were NOT on their phones! We had about 20 kids, mostly girls. It was a bit of a struggle to get the male parts covered but pulled in the 12 yr old brother & his friend to help. (He even enjoyed it.) My daughter and I assigned parts based on personality and her friends arrived dressed accordingly--celebrities, news reporters, & police officers. We used the expansion pack, and none of those participants knew they were "non-essential."

      The discovery of the crime scene was the highlight! While the victim prepared to be discovered, I applied bloody handprints & footprints & crime scene tape in the bathroom. (Nevermind that the victim was strangled.) Some kids cheered at the demise of the victim, some looked in disbelief, some took selfies. The victim's mother even participated and cried over her fallen child. The whole scene was chaotic but hilarious.

      Overall, the party was a success. I received many compliments from the kids, and my daughter's happiness at the event was worth the effort. I initially set out to just do a theater themed birthday party, but I am so happy I stumbled upon
      on Jun 20th 2020

    4. Fun Time Had By All

      We did this for my daughter‘s 13th birthday and all the kids had a really good time. Even the boys who didn’t initially want to get that into character were having fun with it, and even commented as such.

      You really don’t have to put a lot of work into this in order to pull it off. However, it would be nice if there were a way to select an alternative set/story where the murder victim is the other gender, just in case you need it or something.
      on Aug 2nd 2019

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