Pajama Party Pandemonium

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An exciting whodunit for 8-16 females, ages 10 and up in a slumber party setting. This is a non-murder game where the guests will try to figure out which one of them is the mysterious Waterford Riddler - one of the girls who is sabotaging the sleepover.  This is the instant download version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees. Easy to prepare and easy to host.  For the boxed version, see the link below under 'helpful links.' 

You will receive a host instruction, printable, and solution file with your purchase. The link to the free invitation and pre-game site are below, under 'helpful links.'

3 star mystery party rating for difficulty.

This game was released in April, 2018 and last revised on 9/28/21.

Helpful Links 

 Click here for the character list. 
 Click here for the free, printable invitation! 
 Click here for the 8 character expansion pack #1 
 Click here to view sample game materials.
 Click here  for the boxed set to have My Mystery Party staff prepare your game kit!
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  Direct your guests to the corresponding site at 'Your Mystery Party'


Zuri Zeller’s annual pajama party is around the corner. The girls on the guest list are now shopping for the perfect pajamas, and the party is set to be a huge success. However, everyone who is coming to the party has received a strange note on their doorstep! Someone is calling themselves the Waterford Riddler and has challenged the group to figure out their identity. Zuri is afraid the prankster may be an invited guest! If so, what kind of mayhem will the girls be in for at the sleepover? Zuri certainly doesn’t want this joker to take over her party! You’ve been invited to the sleepover. This is where your story begins. 

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Minimum age:
10 years
Gender of players:
All female
Expansion pack?:
8 player - all female