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A fun filled non-murder family Easter mystery party for all ages - 8-16 players. Perfect for any group and any Easter occasion! Due to the moderate difficulty level, if this party is for all children (with children playing the adult roles), the suggested ages would be 12+ years. Otherwise, if adults are playing the adult roles, as long as the kids can read - they can play the kids' roles!  It is optimal to purchase a hollow chocolate bunny, as the crime is that someone takes off the bunny's ears (and presumably eats them).  You can keep this just in the story, but it's great if you can have one at the party. 

Select the party ready option above, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards.  If you do not select this option, you will have some assembly required with your kit.

Four out of ten star difficulty.

Helpful Links:

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Free, printable invitation!
Sample game materials.
Downloadable version of the Easter Mystery Party game.
Free, pre-game player site at 'Your Mystery Party'


Mystery Synopsis:

Every Easter, the Wabbit family gathers at Brare and Peter Wabbit’s home in the beautiful town of Springville. They plan to kick off the festivities with delectable appetizers and fun party games. Some family members are eccentric, so Brare Wabbit must do everything possible to keep things on track! By Wabbit tradition, a chocolate bunny will be the grand prize for the Official Wabbit Family Egg Hunt. Let’s hope the contenders can keep their hands off the prize, so the hunt can go off without a hitch! You’re part of the family and plan to attend the gathering. This is where your story begins. 

 Follow My Mystery Party's board The Charming Chocolate Caper: The Mystery of the Missing Ear. Mystery Party (non-murder) on Pinterest.

Commercial Licensing: 

If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license- click here. 

Minimum age:
12 years due to difficulty
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 4/10
Gender of character roles:
Minimum # of players:
8 players
Kit sizes:
2 different kit sizes, 8-16 players & 8-31 players.
Expandable teams?:
Yes, kit B (15) has expandable team players.
Date of publication:
Last revised on March 2018
Unique content:
Menu suggestions & bonus party games