Top Six Party Themes for Summer

Posted by Dr. Bon Blossman on Apr 18th 2016

Top Six Party Themes for Summer

Summer is a great time for friends and family to spend time together creating lasting memories. Parties don't need to be extravagant to be extraordinary. There are just a few simple rules to hosting a party that you need to abide by - food, facilities and ambiance. Once the food is done, so is your party. Remember that the food is part of the ambiance, therefore, make it memorable. Second, have an accessible restroom. Don't host a party in the middle of the park without facilities. Last, set an inviting ambiance. Make it comfortable and engaging in your party space.

Top party themes for summer:

Murder Mystery Party: there's nothing more memorable than a fun murder mystery party with your friends, family and colleagues. Take a look at a huge selection of murder mystery games for summer . When you host a murder mystery party, you'll assign your guests a character in advance and engage them with an intriguing pre-game round that builds excitement for the big day. This has shown to decrease the percent of no-shows on your big day - the guests can't stop talking about it beforehand! The day of the party, you'll have a blast with three rounds of game play before finishing off the night with a hilarious awards ceremony. 

Luau Party: the meaning of the word Luau is feast.
Hawaiian natives traditionally gather to enjoy life with
 great food, friends and entertainment! Flower leis,
ukuleles and hula-hoops are a staple with these festivities.
Luaus can be held any time throughout the year, but
nice weather makes it more realistic. Hosting this
party by a swimming pool or on a beach is a definite plus.
A luau should invite relaxation, so a soothing ambiance
 is a must for this theme. Party decor and supply stores
have a huge selection of luau decorations to choose
from. Why not add an exciting luau murder
mystery party to your luau? There are two themes to
choose from - a Hawaiian ' Murder in Maui' game
and a backyard ' Murder at the Luau Party' game.

Wine Tasting Party: create a wine-tasting party
ambiance with classical or jazz music playing
softly, and low level lighting in the party room (if indoors).
 Light plenty of candles or purchase the safer option with
LED lights. Choose about three to eight different types
of wines from a specific region. Do any combination of
reds and whites but half-and-half is common.
In most stores, the wines are separated by region.
Go on a scouting mission to any wine store or local grocery
 store and view the selection. Assign each guest to
bring a specific wine to the party, and be sure to
 include a price point range. Have plenty of cheese,
cracker and fruits available for snacking. Host this in
 the backyard at dusk for some natural ambiance.

Casino Night Party: 
casino parties are a scream. The
cost and setup will vary greatly depending upon your
budget. From a deck of cards and poker chips to an
elaborate room of Las Vegas quality gaming tables
and professional dealers - these parties run the spectrum.
If you're ready to spend some cash, hit up places
like Casino Supply to get your supplies, or hire a local
company, such as Margo's Blackjack with Class.
Since it's summer, host this in the backyard to enjoy
the weather.
Scavenger Hunt Party: Scavenger Hunt Parties originated
as teen parties, but even adults enjoy the challenge.
These are high energy, fast-paced hunts for items. You can
host these in a building, within a neighborhood or
designated area (i.e. camping site), or about town. The best
method for a scavenger hunt is to acquire fun photographs
of the hunted items with the team members in the picture.
That way, there are elaborate items to find and not just bottle
 caps, strings and leaves. You'll also have a memorable photo
of each task from each group. Make a scrapbook or webpage
 of all of the teams' photos after the party for great memories.
There are many types of downloadable hunts at online stores
(i.e. Scavenger Planet) where you can purchase unique lists
for neighborhood, building, specific locations, or about town hunts.
You can find nearly any theme you can think of such as wilderness,
shopping mall, boy versus girl, truth or dare and more.

Kidnap Breakfast Party: A kidnap breakfast
is a reverse surprise party for your guests.
You pick them up without advanced notice (i.e. kidnap)
early in the morning and take them to breakfast in
their pajamas. You are obviously not really kidnapping
your guests. In advance of your party, you must call
every guest’s significant other (i.e. spouse, roommate,
parent, etc.) and ask permission to kidnap each guest
for the party. Make reservations at your local breakfast
spot, or have someone prepare a big delicious breakfast
at your home while you are kidnapping your guests
- and don't forget the mimosas for adults. This party
is rather difficult to pull off and takes some time
with planning. However, it is one of the most
awesome party themes