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Why a murder mystery game is the best option for your holiday parties. 

Murder Mystery Party by My Mystery Party.

You've most likely heard about murder mystery games before, but maybe you've not been able to jump that confidence hurdle and commit to being the party host. Before someone gets the jump on you and plans a boring get together that everyone will feel obligated to attend - it's time for you to take the plunge and start planning a memorable night for your friends, colleagues, and family.  You will not be disappointed, your guests will be impressed, and you will be the hero that everyone is talking about on Monday back at the office. 

We all have busy lives, so this will be brief. The following is a quick break down on what a mystery party game is and how you can get started on planning your party. 

What is a mystery party game? 

A mystery party game involves inviting guests to play a character role for a fully immersive and interactive experience. Mystery games will offer an optional pre-game experience where your guests can start the fun before the party by viewing a guest website and engaging in pre-game tasks.  

During the night of excitement, an unsuspecting victim will be claimed (but not taken out of the game, don't worry), and everyone at the party will investigate whodunit - all while remaining in their designated character role. If you like to laugh - this is for you. If you are competitive - this is for you.  If you love true crime mysteries - this is for you. 

How many guests should I invite to my mystery party? 

Murder mystery games vary by the number of required players but range from 4 to 250+ players.  In other words - it is flexible. Parties from small to big all work and are a great success, but the optimal amount of guests would be in the 16-24 guests range.  

What should my guests wear to the murder mystery party? 

A mystery party game will provide a character list with costume suggestions for the guests to consider. You can ask the guests to bring a prop, assemble an elaborate costume, or if this is a last minute idea - wear the name tags to designate character roles. There is no right or wrong with mystery party attire.  If you, as the host, want to take care of the costumes - choose a masquerade game and have a table at the entryway with a selection of masks.  

Should I download a mystery party game or get the boxed set? 

If you have a big enough budget for the party, you should opt for the boxed set - it's more professional, it's less hassle for you, but most of all - the host can play along without accidentally spoiling the mystery. If you don't have it in your budget, you can still play along as the host with the download version, but we suggest getting someone who cannot come to the party to assist you with preparing the kit.  The good thing about the download version is that you get the game instantly upon purchase and you avoid shipping fees. 

How do I decorate for my mystery party? 

Some mystery game kits are holiday themed, so choosing decor is easy. Others are time periods, like the '20s or '80s.  Decorating can be done with a simple bag of spider webbing a few LED candles. Or, if you love to plan and have a bigger budget - buy out the party decor aisle for your theme. 

There will be instructions given for each game on how to decorate for the theme, but we also have a Pinterest Board for all of our games that contains fun party decor and food ideas. 

What type of food do I serve at a mystery party game? 

Mystery parties are flexible with the type of offerings you wish to serve. You are strongly cautioned against hosting a party without at least serving appetizers. If you are feeling fancy, mystery games have a designated time where you can put the game on pause and serve dinner - either formal sit down dinner or buffet style. 

Why am I still hesitant to host this party? 

Why you aren't already writing your guest list out is a bigger mystery than the games. Click here to choose your next mystery party. 

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