How to Craft the Perfect Mystery Party Look with Items You Already Own!

Posted by Dr. Bon Blossman on Mar 28th 2024

How to Craft the Perfect Mystery Party Look with Items You Already Own!

Transform your next mystery party from mundane to magnificent without breaking the bank! Dive into our treasure trove of tips and tricks for the top ten mystery party characters for crafting show-stopping costumes from everyday items lurking in your wardrobe. These characters are not only iconic but guarantee you'll be the talk of the town—or at least the party. Here's how you can embody these captivating roles with simple DIY projects and a dash of creativity.

1. The Master Chef - Knife Skills Optional

Chef costume for a mystery party

  • Outfit: Raid your kitchen for any color apron (white or black preferred), and pair it with a white button-up. Roll up the sleeves to mean business.
  • Accessories: Craft a chef's hat from printer paper (there are plenty of tutorials online). Carry a rolling pin or a whisk for that extra flair. Smudge some flour on your apron and cheek for a 'just finished baking' look.
  • Tip: Use a tea towel as a makeshift apron belt for added realism, tucking kitchen utensils into it.
  • Extra: Write a fake menu featuring mysterious or "poisonous" dishes to carry around.
  • Quirk: Obsessively wipes hands on an apron, even when not cooking.
  • Acting Suggestion: Frequently talk about exotic ingredients and the "perfect recipe." Pretend to critique the taste and presentation of any real or imaginary food at the party.

2. The Butcher - Dressed to Kill

Butcher costume for a mystery party.

  • Outfit: A plaid shirt and black pants will serve as your base. The apron is your canvas—splash red paint for a 'blood-stained' effect.
  • Accessories: DIY a cleaver from cardboard, and wrap the handle with black tape and the blade with aluminum foil. Bonus points for a fake tattoo sleeve to add to the rugged look.
  • Tip: Add knee-high rubber boots (or any boots) for the authentic butcher look.
  • Extra: Create a faux meat prop with sculpting foam or painted cardboard.
  • Quirk: Has a habit of sharpening knives (imaginary or toy knives) absentmindedly during conversations.
  • Acting Suggestion: Speak in metaphors related to meat and butchery, and share anecdotes about "the one that got away."

3. The Doctor with Dark Secrets

Doctor costumes for a mystery party.

  • Outfit: Any button-down shirt and pants will do under a DIY lab coat—transform a large long-sleeved white shirt by cutting it down the middle.
  • Accessories: A toy stethoscope, or make one from headphones and some black cord. Wear glasses (frame only) for that intellectual vibe.
  • Tip: Carry a clipboard with patient names and cryptic notes about their "conditions."
  • Extra: Wear a fake ID badge with your character's name.
  • Quirk: Checks other players' pulse by habit.
  • Acting Suggestion: Offer unsolicited health advice to other characters, diagnosing common party maladies with exaggerated concern.

4. The Professor Who Knows Too Much

  • Outfit: Elbow patches can be faked with brown felt on any sweater. Pair with khakis or a modest skirt.
  • Accessories: Stack some books to carry under your arm. A pipe (real or crafted from paper) adds a scholarly touch.
  • Tip: Attach a monocle or eyepiece to your glasses with clear string for an old-school academic vibe.
  • Extra: Carry old maps or cryptic puzzle pieces as props to intrigue others.
  • Quirk: Uses a pipe or glasses as a hand prop, often losing them and forgetting where they are.
  • Acting Suggestion: Quote famous lines from literature or make historical references, questioning the "historical accuracy" of modern conveniences.  Also, make up extraordinarily large words and use them in conversations and act shocked when others don't know what the word means.

5. The Pop Star - Fame and Secrets

  • Outfit: Sequins, bright colors, and anything sparkly will do - mix and match - it's all about a stage presence and you can be unique. Cut up and repurpose old clothes for a unique stage-ready look.
  • Accessories: DIY a microphone from a hairbrush or roll paper into a mic shape. Temporary hair color or glitter in your hair seals the deal.
  • Tip: Use temporary tattoos for a pop rebel look. Think stars, music notes, or cryptic symbols.
  • Extra: Design a VIP backstage pass for your character, hinting at secret concerts or hidden tracks.
  • Quirk: Can't help but strike dramatic poses and pretend cameras are flashing. 
  • Acting Suggestion: Burst into song or dance moves mid-conversation, especially when someone says a word that's also a song title. Ask other players if they want your autograph.

6. The Movie Star - Red Carpet Ready

Movie Star costume for a mystery party.

  • Outfit: A glamorous dress or suit, depending on your preference. Thrift stores are gold mines for vintage finds. Like the pop star, anything glitzy to set you apart will do.
  • Accessories: Sunglasses at night, darling. Plus, DIY jewelry from beads and foil adds bling.
  • Tip: Add a faux fur wrap or shawl for that classic Hollywood elegance.
  • Extra: Carry an old-fashioned camera and be your own paparazzi for the night - why not? 
  • Quirk: Checks reflection in every possible surface, adjusting hair or makeup. You can't allow the paparazzi to get a bad angle photo.
  • Acting Suggestion: Speak in movie quotes, dramatically pausing for effect, and occasionally confuse real life with movie plots.

7. The Tycoon/Heiress - More Money, More Mysteries

  • Outfit: Think luxury. A blazer over anything elevates the look. Use a scarf as a faux fur stole. Unlike the pop star or movie star, you are all about money and class. Nothing too eccentric. 
  • Accessories: Monopoly money looks surprisingly real when flashed quickly. Oversized sunglasses and a "diamond" ring from a costume jewelry store complete the ensemble.
  • Tip: Use old jewelry boxes as props, suggesting hidden treasures or scandalous letters.
  • Extra: A mock "last will and testament" peeking out of your purse or pocket can stir intrigue.
  • Quirk: Constantly counts money or jewels, worried about being robbed.
  • Acting Suggestion: Talk about extravagant purchases or vacations, occasionally mistaking other characters for service staff.

8. The Computer Genius - Hack the Look

Computer genius costume for a murder mystery party game.

  • Outfit: A graphic tee featuring a cult classic or tech joke, layered under an open flannel shirt. Comfort is key. Or, if you want to be more of a stereotypical hacker - wear a dark hoodie and keep your hood up - you're not trying to draw attention to yourself. 
  • Accessories: Tape over the bridge of any glasses for that stereotypical tech-nerd look. Carry an old keyboard or mouse as a prop.
  • Tip: Wrap wires around your arm or neck as a quirky accessory, suggesting you're wired into the mainframe.
  • Extra: Carry "confidential" folders or a USB labeled "Top Secret."
  • Quirk: Types on imaginary keyboards during conversations by habit, hacking into "systems" or fixing "bugs."
  • Acting Suggestion: Use tech jargon in everyday conversation, and pretend to receive encrypted messages through common devices.

9. The Detective - Clues Included

Detective character costume for a mystery party.

  • Outfit: A trench coat is non-negotiable. Underneath, anything goes. The more nondescript, the better.
  • Accessories: Fashion a detective's hat (deerstalker) from cardboard and felt. A magnifying glass can be made from clear plastic and cardboard - wrap with black electrical tape around the handle.
  • Tip: Dust your coat with a bit of flour to mimic fingerprint powder - albeit, it is usually black, but who cares.
  • Extra: Carry a small notebook filled with "clues" you've gathered throughout the night.
  • Quirk: Takes notes on a pad constantly, even when alone, whispering to themselves about clues.
  • Acting Suggestion: Interrogate others with light-hearted suspicion, dramatically revealing "clues" found around the party.

10. The Psychic - Visions of Style

Psychic costume for a murder mystery party.

  • Outfit: Layer scarves over a long skirt or flowing, relaxed-fit pants for a mystical vibe. Use costume jewelry to add layers of mystique.
  • Accessories: A glass ball as a crystal ball (a clear Christmas ornament works wonders), or homemade tarot cards from cardstock.
  • Tip: Drape a colorful shawl adding layers to your costume and use the shawl to set a fortune-telling station.
  • Extra: Offer to read palms or cards, giving vague yet mysteriously accurate readings.
  • Quirk: Gets "visions" at inconvenient times, dramatically reacting to unseen forces.
  • Acting Suggestion: Offer cryptic predictions about the mystery's outcome, and read significance into random events or objects.

With these insider secrets, you're all set to steal the spotlight at your next mystery party. Remember, it's not just the costume but how you wear it. Embrace your character, and let your imagination run wild. The night is yours for the taking—mystery, intrigue, and a fabulous outfit await!