Murder in the Escape Room

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An exciting escape room murder mystery party for 6-10 guests (flex-gender), ages 15+ for difficulty. This is our traditional, mingling murder mystery format with a bonus escape room feature in addition to the murder mystery. The escape room will give clues to the mystery host in the storyline and then - a murder happens that the group must solve. There is an expansion pack available for this game that adds up to 6 players. This is an in-person game that is formatted to play face-to-face. For virtually-formatted games, click here.

Note: you will need to set up a DIY escape room as part of this game, so do not choose this game unless you have some time to plan and arrange your DIY escape room. Upon purchase, you'll have access to a website with instructions on how to set this up, but it will take some planning time on your part to design it in your home. You can set an escape room up in any room in your home with printable and common household items - no outside purchase is necessary. However, if you wish to be more elaborate with your escape room, we will provide you with instructions on how to DIY.  This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees!  Easy to host, easy to prepare the game.  If you prefer a boxed set, there is a link to have our staff prepare a party pack for you below, under 'helpful links.' 

Included: You will receive access to a website to learn how to design an escape room. There are four PDF files to download with this game - a host instruction file, printable file, solution key, and an optional free invitation file.  You must use Adobe Reader (free software that you can download at to view the PDF file, as a PDF is an Adobe product.  

Format: This is a traditional, mingling, clue-based game (downloadable version) for in-person groups. For virtually-formatted games that are ideal for video chat platforms, click here. 

Gifting: The standard game license does not allow transfers, so you cannot purchase a download as a gift. For gifts, click here for gift certificates, or use the link below for the boxed version of the game (party pack). 


Helpful Links:

 Host character list
 Free, printable invitation
 Sample game materials
 Murder mystery prop emporium
 6 player Expansion pack - Purchased separately
 Boxed version - My Mystery Party will prepare your party ready kit
 Direct your guests here - the corresponding pre-game site at Your Mystery Party

Please note: there is no victim sign in this game. There is a formal announcement in its place. 

Murder Mystery Synopsis:

You received a mysterious invitation to an escape room party. The party address is a leased vacation home, so the host could be anyone in the fog-covered town of Noxhelm’s Crossing. You have no idea who invited you, but you are familiar with everyone on the guest list. The invitation says you will work as a team to escape the room before time runs out. You’ve always wanted to challenge yourself by solving a timed mystery in a room filled with puzzles, riddles, and codes.

You are intrigued by the host's choice of guests, as these are the most ambitious yet scandalous people in town. Putting this combination of powerful personalities into an intense scenario may have deadly consequences. Nevertheless, you’ve always considered yourself a daring person who loves a challenge. You have decided to attend this adventure. This is where your story begins. 

In addition to the intriguing murder mystery instant download, you will have access to a site with instructions on how to set up your own escape room. You can set it up with printable materials and common household items or be as elaborate as you wish - we'll give you the instructions on DIY and you can set it up however you wish!  

If you wish to host this game for profit, you will need a commercial license - click here. 

Minimum age:
15 years (due to difficulty)
Difficulty rating:
Moderate, 6/10
Gender of character roles:
Number of players in the main game:
6-10 players in the main game
Expansion pack(s):
6 player expansion pack #1 (purchased separately)
Expandable team players:
Not suggested, given the constraints of an escape room
Date of publication:
August 21st, 2007
Unique content:
Associated escape room - you will DIY the room, but we will give you access to a website that gives instructions.
Game license:
Single, private use. For the game license's Terms and Conditions, see below.


  • 5
    Fantastic party!

    Posted by Jeff on Aug 25th 2017

    We had an excellent time playing this with an escape room!

  • 5
    Unique and exciting evening!

    Posted by Christy on Apr 5th 2017

    As a long time customer of this company, I can say that this game was full of excitement. I spent a bit of time creating my DIY escape room and went over the top (but the instruction site has a ton of easier options - I'm just crazy like that) and my guests were bummed it was over. Combining a murder mystery and escape room was the best.

  • 4
    We had a blast!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 28th 2017

    I purchased this Mystery Dinner and hosted it with my work team. The Escape Room aspect of the plot allowed us an opportunity to engage in team building challenges. Everyone had a great time!