Murder in 1985 | Expansion pack for the 1980's virtual murder mystery game.

Murder in 1985 | Expansion pack #1

Instantly downloadable (PDF file)
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    This is the instant download version of the expansion pack, which is in virtual format - no shipping, no waiting, no hassle. 

    Do not purchase this expansion pack without purchasing the main game of Murder in 1985 - a virtual murder mystery party. 

    This is an instant download of the expansion pack including 6 additional characters - (see the character list below for details). 


    HIGHLY SUGGESTED: Send your guests to: for more information including the game trailer video, and more.





    • Host instruction file 
    • 6 character packets (PDF files) to send to your players in advance of the party. They include instructions, a character bio, suspect list, and three rounds of game play (optional pre-game, round one materials, round two materials). 
    • Editable text field player contact sheet for pre-game
    • Free invitation (optional to use)
    • Free pre-game website (optional, but suggested)
    • Spectator file so you can add more non-suspect players to the game as members of the LAPD. You'll send the same spectator file to any non-suspect/non-character players (unlimited #, but only include as many as you'd want to manage on Zoom or other video chat). 


    If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here.   Note: we are not issuing waivers between September 2020 and January 2021.



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    1. extras pack

      great way to expand game to more players. everyone will still suspect everyone! on Sep 16th 2021

    2. Be careful with dramatic friends haha

      Honestly so much fun to do with friends on zoom. However, if you have a big group with friends that are used to creating characters, a big group using the expansions may cause you to play this game for longer than you thought! But it honestly the most fun we’ve had during the pandemic on Jan 10th 2021

    3. great additional character pack

      Loved these additional characters, they all had their own storylines and all the characters had no idea that they were 'add ons' my sister played one of these characters and believed she was an essential character in the game.

      It was really easy to add them in and it all ran smoothly.
      The only part I would change is to add them to the solution key at the end. My friends wanted to see the solution key and the 6 add on characters do not have an explanation as to why they are not the murderer. That is the only time that I would say the extra characters may not feel as involved.
      We are super glad you had a blast! We love to hear of success stories.
      The solution key is only used if you have questions, it's not really meant to be read to the group. That's why we have the solution video where the detective explains what happened. The answer key is just used for questions, and given that the expansion pack characters have more than one piece that rules them out - they weren't needed on the answer key. Nevertheless, I'll shoot this feedback to the author and it could be added soon. Thank you for your feedback!
      on Jun 6th 2020

    4. easy so far, anticipate smooth sailing

      similar to main packet, easy, clear and fun on May 19th 2020