Murder Behind the Mirror Mystery Game Boxed Set

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Have you ever wondered what lurks behind the mirror? This high society dinner party will certainly give you the answers you are seeking! For 10-16 guests, ages 16 and up for difficulty. This is the boxed set version of the game. You'll have everything needed to play the game shipped to you with the kit - nothing needs to be downloaded. Select the party ready option above, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards. If you do not select this option, you will have some assembly required with your kit. The download version is a different product and does not come with the party pack, as they are not seamless and materials should not be used together.  

This dark mystery party contains horror and paranormal content (see the additional information section below). This game is a formal dinner party theme with intriguing twists and turns in a dark world behind the legendary Mirror of Daebub - an antique mirror rumored to have supernatural powers. In this theme's storyline, the players pass through to the other side of a mystical mirror and enter a dark world where their hidden identities, mostly malevolent, become known to everyone. 

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 Sample game materials

 Game Trailer Video

 Pinterest Board - more DIY decor and food

 Instant downloadable version - no shipping, no waiting. The download does not come with the party pack, as it's not seamless nor needed  -you'll have all you need to play with the boxed version.

Kit A: 16 unique roles

 Host character list for Kit A

 Free, 16 player printable invitation

 Corresponding pre-game site for Kit A

Kit B-D: 24 unique roles plus expandable teams up to 64 players

 Host character list for Kit B-D

 Free, 24+ player printable invitation

 Corresponding pre-game site for Kit B-D


Mystery Synopsis: 

An indiscriminate group has received invitations to a mysterious affair called the Nevermore Gala. All anybody knows is that it will be an unforgettable bash held behind the mystifying Mirror of Daebub – an ancient relic that was recently purchased by one of Manhattan’s elite at an exclusive art auction. Nobody knows the reason, but the tycoon had second thoughts about his purchase and sold the magical mirror to an unknown buyer in the town of Nevermore – over two-thousand miles away.

You’ve received an invitation to this cryptic social event of the year. Will you have the nerve to take a step into the mirror and face what lurks behind? This is where your story begins. 

Commercial licensing: 

If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit &/or in public &/or as a benefit to your organization or business - you will need a commercial license - click here. 

Minimum age:
16 years. There is no foul language, drugs, sexual innuendos. There are mentions in the story of demons, ghosts, evil sorcerers, aliens, serial killers, mobsters, and other malignant beings and plot lines.
Difficulty rating:
Challenging, 7/10
Gender of character roles:
Minimum # of players:
8 players
Kit sizes:
4 different kit sizes, ranging up to 64 total players.
Expandable teams?:
Yes, kits C (20) & D (40) have expandable team players.
Date of publication:
October 2018
Content disclosure:
Paranormal premise (magic mirror) that leads to another dimension/parallel universe that reveals ones true self. There is no foul language, drugs, sexual innuendos. There are mentions in the story of demons, ghosts, evil sorcerers, aliens, serial k
Game license:
Single, private use. See game license Terms and Conditions below.


  • 4
    First Time Host, All Guests had a Killer Time

    Posted by Stephanie on Jun 2nd 2024

    I hosted this game as a birthday gift for my friend and everyone who attended had a blast! The host guide was a lifesaver in helping to keep the flow of the game. If you’re a first time host, like I was, I’d highly recommend reading it over a few times before the party starts as there are a ton of small details to remember for each round of the game. It’d be nice if there were a couple suggested characters for the host to play so that they’re in a more hands off role… as I felt a bit frazzled trying to get my prompts across while still making sure the game was flowing properly. I’d recommend that the host choose an optional character if at all possible. Overall, hosting this game was a rewarding experience and I’ll definitely be doing it again!