Grillin' Chillin' Killin' Expansion Pack #2

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This expansion pack #2 adds up to 6 unique roles to the main game Grillin', Chillin', Killin' (purchased separately). There is also an optional expandable character (Dr. Harrison) that has an expandable team of ER Nurses - these are non-suspect roles.  You can play Dr. Harrison without the team.

Purchase expansion pack #1 before purchasing this pack. We do not give refunds for packs purchased out of order. It is optimal to play the expansion packs in order, as the characters are added to the growing character list in order on the free invitation, the guest list, and the player pre-game site.


All 6 of these unique suspect roles are optional and may be played in any combination with the optional players from the main game and expansion pack #1 (purchased separately). 

You can skip any of the optional players from the main game, expansion pack #1 and add any number of characters from this pack.  


This is the downloadable version of the expansion pack #2. This document should be printed in addition to the original mystery game file and expansion pack #1 (purchased separately).

This is the downloadable version of the game and not seamless with the boxed set version - they are two separate products. 



Here's the breakdown of how to host a large game with the main game, expansion pack #1 (both purchased separately), and this pack. 

  • 14 players from the main game (purchased separately)
  • 6 players from expansion pack #1  (purchased separately)
  • Up to 25 players with non-suspect, duplicate roles on a team as RBC News Crew, led by Tele Ewe (Expansion pack #1)
  • 6 players from this pack, expansion pack #2 
  • Up to 25 players with non-suspect duplicate roles on a team as ER Nurses led by Frankie Harrison. (Expansion pack #2)

Therefore, there are 26 unique roles with the main game and both expansion packs (purchased separately) and an expandable team on both expansion packs that adds up to 50+ non-suspect roles as a team with two team leaders. For more information about expandable teams - see the host character list above. 


All downloadable products are final sale - we will not give refunds for expansion packs that are purchased out of order or unused with no exceptions. Do not purchase the expansion pack unless you need to use it - there's no reason to purchase it before you have your confirmed players, as you have access to the host list and free invitation/pre-game site without purchasing the pack. 

For the full terms and conditions, see below. 

This expansion pack was revised on 5/16/24 and will not be seamless with previous versions of the game. 


Number of players:
Up to 6 - all optional and may be played in any combination
Expandable Team:
An expandable team of non-suspects (duplicated) as ER Nurses led by Frankie Harrison.
Content disclosure:
Pinworms storyline with Jamie Linbrunner, and Dr. Harrison and the expandable team. Written as comedy, but these are optional roles and may be skipped.