Factions | A murder mystery party expansion pack #2

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This is expansion pack #2 of the Factions | A murder mystery party game. This is not a stand alone game, this is only an expansion pack with materials for 8 additional optional players, which may be played in any combination in conjunction with the main game (and expansion pack #1, purchased separately). The players will receive similar materials to the required players and will be unaware during the game play they were optional to the story.

Do not purchase this file without purchasing the main game file.  This has 8 additional players, 4 M and 4F.  

 It is optimal to purchase the expansion pack #1 in addition to this pack, as the character lists on the game, free invitation, and Your Mystery Party site will also include the expansion pack #1 players, which are purchased separately (as well as the main game, purchased separately).  Do not assign players for your guests that you have not purchased.  

Click here for the invite and click here for the character list is your new guest site to send your guests  

Note: never allow your guests to choose their characters from the free invite or guest pregame site as there may be characters you haven't purchased - such as in expansion pack #1. You, as the host, are to choose the characters for your guests from the characters that you have purchased.