Dregs Island

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A dystopian thriller novel (YA genre) written by the mother and son team, Dr. Bon Blossman & Zakk Myer.  Great for teens to adult! 


Seventeen-year-old Alex Cardin is falsely convicted of a felony.  It is six years after President Gray's Prison Reform Act of 2026. Prisons have been shut down across the United States, and all felons must serve life sentences on isolated prison islands where escape is impossible, and rules of civility are obsolete. Alex is banished to Dregs Island and must rely on his sharp intuition, as nobody can be trusted. To survive, he must defeat the ruthless ruler of the island who was a legendary serial killer back on the mainland. Alex is forced to make decisions along the way that weigh survival against humankind and family against friendship.


AWARDS: Dregs Island has been awarded the Silver Medal for YA Mystery from Reader's Favorite. The book has also won the Beverly Hills Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction, and is a solo medalist winner in YA Fiction for New Apple Book Awards.  Dregs Island also has won an honorable mention for Reader Views book awards in the YA Category. 


There is a corresponding murder mystery game Escape from Dreg's Island