Non-murder mystery game that may be played all-female or co-ed

Daunting Diamond Thievery mystery party

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    An entertaining, traditional non-murder mystery party game for 7-10 guests ages 12 & up in an old mansion setting. This game has a 6 player expansion pack and may be played as all-female or co-ed.  This is the instant download upon purchase - no shipping fees, no wait - you'll have everything you need to play upon purchase - just print and prepare your kit. For the boxed version, see below under 'helpful links.' 


    Note: this game was updated on 2/8/18. If you've purchased the game license within the last year, you may download the new version from your account. 

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    Direct your guests to the corresponding invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'


    Mystery Synopsis

    Dr. Doom is the heir of the Doom estate and a chemist made famous for formulations of harmful pesticides. The former scientist has led a troublesome life full of misery, lies, and deceitful practices.  Reflecting upon the past, Dr. Doom decided to host a dinner at the Doom Mansion in hopes of resolving the differences with those wronged in the past. Most of the guests have accepted the humble invitation and are excited to enjoy a night of fine dining, games, and good conversation. Dr. Doom also has plans to unveil a priceless diamond pterodactyl egg – a family heirloom which has been touted in the newspapers for many years.

     You’ve been invited to the luxurious affair, and this is where your story begins.

    In addition to the traditional non-murder mystery party, you also receive free bonus games from The Official Party Host Handbook! 

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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 13 years
    # of players: 7-10 players
    Expansion pack: 6 players
    Expandable?: No
    Gender of players: Co-ed or all-female
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    1. Played it with the youngest player Age 8 and it was great

      Loved the story and the easy to follow instructions for every round. We were pleased to find that it was easy to play. Everyone got into character and some people were confused because the acting was so great! on Aug 31st 2021

    2. Be prepared for your players to get creative

      This. Was. A. Hoot. Our family revealed untold acting chops, and the hilarious trash talking flowed, from the pregame texts and emails to the actual game day. Playing with a couple of tweens, young adults in their twenties and older adults up to age 70 was a fun and unique mix, and this was perfect for a non-Halloween autumn game night - it gave us an extra excuse to dress up. The amount of cutting things out and host/hostess planning was entirely doable (give yourself some time, though - think in terms of a week or two beforehand, if you can), and while this was our first time, we know it will certainly not be the last (especially because we were hardly done with this one before people wanted to know what we were doing "next time"). on Nov 7th 2019

    3. Diamond thievery mystery party

      We did this dinner party mystery with our 8 grandchildren ages 11-17. It was nice to have a choice of an event that did not involve a murder. It was a fun evening. on Mar 28th 2019

    4. Gender Reveal Party

      I used the Daunting Diamond Thievery Mystery Party for my gender reveal party and everyone had so much fun!! The person who stole the diamond also revealed the gender of my baby to everyone including me :) on Mar 3rd 2018

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