Cinco de Mayor Party Decor Kit

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Having a Cinco de Mayo murder mystery party and need to make your party area festive? The Cinco de Mayo party decor kit is what you need to brighten up the space! 

The kit contains the following items: 

  • Fiesta Whirls - 5 per package, hanging decor. These fiesta whirls have assorted red, green, or gold metallic spirals with printed icons at the bottom. Three of the icons are tequila worms and two are of tequila bottles. They measure 3' 4" in length.
  • Glittered Cinco de Mayo Streamer. 8.5" by 10' 
  • 20 colorful latex 10" balloons (colors may vary).
  • Fiesta confetti - this package contains small pieces of confetti shaped as sombreros, chili peppers and swirls in multi-color. There is a half ounce of confetti in the package. Spread this pretty confetti on all surfaces in your party area!
  • Fiesta food picks - 50 pieces measuring 3.5" tall. Sombrero and cactus design attached to wooden toothpicks. Use at the food buffet or serve your appetizers with these!