Bad Santa | Expansion Pack #2

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**DO NOT PURCHASE THIS EXPANSION KIT WITHOUT PURCHASING BAD SANTA MURDER MYSTERY PARTY GAME AND EXPANSION PACK #1.** This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the expansion pack #2 (used in conjunction with expansion pack #1) including 20 unique characters and two of which can be expanded into teams of 25 players each.  Do not purchase this file without purchasing expansion pack #1 (and the main game file), as the expansion pack #1 players will be including on the free invite character list and Your Mystery Party free guest pre-game site. 

 The new free pre-game site link that includes all available players (main game and expansion pack#1 characters on this site are purchased separately): 

There are no refunds on expansion packs, so do not purchase this expansion pack unless you are certain you will have enough characters to require it.  You can play the optional characters from the main game and expansion packs in any combination - not all of the optional players must be played before moving on to the next expansion pack. 



How to Host a Large Party with the Bad Santa murder mystery party game: 

    • There are 20 unique players in the main game.
    • There are 10 unique players in expansion pack #1
    • There are 20 unique players in expansion pack #2

This game and two expansion packs includes 50 unique players to this game. Need more players? NO problem:

  • Up to 25 additional duplicate players as Frederick Waters' Army/loyal followers of his quest of world domination (expansion pack #1 player)
  • Up to 25 additional duplicate players as Family members of Merry Palmer (expansion pack #1 player)
  • Up to 25 additional duplicate players as Rachel Greene's friends (expansion pack #2 player)
  • Up to 25 additional duplicate players as Antonio Sopranos' minions (expansion pack #2 player) 

Now, you have 50 unique players and 100 additional expanded team players.


Note: never allow your guests to choose their characters from the free invite or guest pregame site, as there may be characters you haven't purchased - such as in expansion pack #1. You, as the host, are to choose the characters for your guests from the characters that you have purchased.   We will not provide a free expansion pack #1 if you fail to purchase it and assign players from that file.