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Back in Time for Murder - a Steampunk Time Travel themed Murder Mystery Party Game for 8-16 guests, 14 years and up for difficulty level. This is the instant download version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees - you'll have everything you need to play with the download.  Easy to host and easy to prepare. For the boxed set, there is a link below for the party pack under 'helpful links.' 

You will receive a host instruction, printable, and solution file. For the free invitation and pre-game site link, scroll down to the helpful links section below. 

Five out of ten difficulty.

*Note: this game was updated on 09/27/21

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Mystery Synopsis

It is the year 2099, and the demented Genesee Glasco, a quintillionaire heiress and first world ruler, is hosting the ultimate retro gala. The steampunk-themed affair will be held at the awe-inspiring Hematite Palace in the world’s new capital – Glasco Megalopolis. Using her newest invention created by a collective effort from the world’s top scientists, she has hand-selected her guests from past icons, legends and even infamous villains.

The denizens of the world have been on the edge of their seats watching the planning stages of the first world-wide extravaganza unfold on their nuclearvision devices! For the past sixteen days, the befuddled faces of the honorary guests have been publicized as they endured the excruciating journey from the past to the main platform of the Time Travel Epicenter of Glasco Megalopolis. The historical attendees have not been briefed on why they were brought into the future, and are being isolated in unknown locations within Diamond City while they await the night of celebration.

Nobody knows what Genesee specifically has planned for the gala, but this party is undeniably a world’s first. Regrettably, you are one of the icons that have suffered through the painful transport from the past. You feel disoriented and are quite mystified why you have been brought to this strange, wondrous place and why they are not allowing you to leave. This is where your story begins.

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Minimum age:
14 years
Number of players:
8-16 players
Available expansion pack:
10 players
Expandable team players?:
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  • 5
    Murder Mystery Time Travel

    Posted by Unknown on May 15th 2022

    We've done other Murder Mysteries and love them in general. This one in particular we really enjoyed since it was more interactive. From side conversations that were expected and had to the blood curdling scream. Definitely would recommend this one.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 1st 2019

    It was so much fun!!

  • 4
    So much fun

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 18th 2017

    This was an absolute blast. I purchased this product for my wife's 35 birthday and cast her as the main character. She was blown away. In fact, we had so much fun that we are already planning our next mystery party. We had about 50 people at the party so if your are going big definitely buy the expansion. It was awesome.

  • 5
    Birthday Party

    Posted by Emily on Nov 29th 2016

    We bought this for my partner's birthday party (ages 20-40). Not only did he love but the guests had a blast too! We bought the expansion pack as well because we were planning on having a large group and then a huge portion had to cancel last minute. We ended up playing with about 10 people (7 of the required characters and the rest were opinion from both the game and the expansion). 10 seemed like a really good number to play with. Some things that I wish I had done differently or things that I changed a bit. -A lot of the characters who had to bail were more villain type characters. When everyone was interacting, it was mainly a big group that got together to talk rather than smaller groups of people or couples talking. I wish that I had been more careful in assigning characters. 1 good guy to 1 bad guy. -It was my first time hosting a murder mystery party and I read through everything so that I had a better idea of game play and could help specific characters if they needed it. -On their clue sheet, I can't remember exactly what it is called. They have a map that shows the layout of the space the party is taking place in. Even though every character had a map on their notes, I wish I had blown up the map and posted it somewhere. -I think I overwhelmed my guests a little bit pre party. I was getting excited as I was figuring out what food I wanted to go along with the theme or while I was looking at costumes or while I was figuring out how the game out to be played. A lot of that is just me personally, I get excited and want to share. Giving people characters and then backing off until just before the party would have been a better for my guests. That being said, we in the planning stages of doing another murder mystery party, we will be have a lot of the same guests, and they are so excited about it!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 25th 2016

    I hosted this one for my daughters 11th birthday. Ages 11 - 15 they had a great time!

  • 4
    Fun night!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 24th 2016

    We had a great night, with many guests not knowing each other it was a good icebreaker. Such a broad range of characters which made it even more fun!