614 Scarlet Court mystery game

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An exciting home block party murder mystery party 7-20+ guests (8 female, 7 male, 5 either gender), ages 15+ years for difficulty - this is a moderate sleuth. Two players are expandable, expand to over 50 players. With the 10+ character expansion pack, you can have over 75 players using a third expandable team.

Select the party ready option above, and our staff will fold and slip the clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards.  If you do not select this option, you will have some assembly required with your kit.

Five out of ten difficulty.

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 Click here to view the character list!
 Click here for the free, printable invitation!
 Click here for the sample game materials!
Click here for the 10+ (5M,5F) Expansion Pack character list. And, click here for the free invite including the expansion pack players. 
Click here for the instant download version of the game.
Direct your guests to the corresponding site at 'Your Mystery Party'

Murder Mystery Party Game Synopsis

The Dawson family moved into their new home at 614 Scarlet Court and are hosting a block party. Isabella Dawson is an experienced party host, and it only took her two months in the small town of Shady Oaks to earn the title of town gossip.  Nonetheless, the invitees are ready to relax and unwind.

Rumors of blackmail, backstabbing, and revenge have circulated about town since Isabella mailed the invitations, and tension is building in the air. Maybe Isabella should have done more research before she handpicked a group of foes? 

Isabella promises to do her best to distract the party attendees with a fun night of great conversation, fantastic food, and exciting party games. Let’s hope everyone stays on their best behavior. You received your invitation and would die before you missed this party. You love drama. This is where your story begins.

More DIY options for party food and decor:

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Minimum age:
15 years for difficulty - moderate sleuth. There are mentions of OCD and other mental illnesses in this game.
Number of players:
7-20 players
Available expansion pack:
10 players
Expandable players?:
Expands to over 30 players with teams
Gender of players: