1970s Disco Murder Mystery Expansion Pack #2

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Do not purchase this pack without also purchasing expansion pack #1, as they should be played in order.

This is an instantly downloadable expansion pack including 6 additional characters - 4 female and 2 male (see the character list below). This document should be printed in addition to the original Panic at the House of Groove game kit and expansion pack #1.  

 It is suggested to play the expansion packs in order, as the characters on the character list are added in order.  You'll have characters from expansion pack #1 (purchased separately) listed on your free invite and Your Mystery Party pre-game player site. Do not assign characters to your guests from expansion pack #1 if you are not purchasing expansion pack #1. Use the host character list to assign your guests to a character.

Click here for the invite and click here for the character list


 Last Revised: 2/27/23

The new guest pre-game site (freebie) is: 

Send your guests here before the game so they can get ready for the mystery!