Kringel's Murder Mystery Expansion Pack #2

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Play the expansion packs in order. Do not add this one until you've added expansion pack #1. 

This expansion pack #2 adds 7 unique characters for the Kringel's Block Party murder mystery game. They are all optional and may be played in any combination with the other optional players in the game (main game, expansion pack #1). There is one expandable player that can be expanded to a team of up to 20 additional duplicate news crew players to play along with Pat Rivera.

Note: there are two additional expandable team players with the main game file (purchased separately). These are not unique player roles, but you can expand the game without purchasing the expansion packs. However, the expansion packs do add unique character roles to your game.

This document should be printed in addition to the original game file and the Expansion Pack #1 game kits.  This is an instant download (PDF file). 

How to Host a Large Party with the Kringels:

  • 18 unique players from the main game
  • 7 unique players from Expansion Pack #1 (purchased separately)
  • 7 unique players from Expansion Pack #2 (purchased separately)
  • Up to 40 duplicates in two expandable teams of moochers and comics from the main game expandable players Stan Upton and Takey Takerton. **You can expand to 58 players with just the main game purchase. However, there will only be 18 unique roles in the game unless you add the expansion packs. 
  • Up to 15 duplicate players in an expandable team of police officers with Callahan Coppa from Expansion Pack #1
  • Up to 15 duplicate players in an expandable team of a reporting news crew with Pat Rivera from Expansion Pack #2

Total guests: 32 unique players and 70 expanded team players = ~ 100 players

Again - if you do not purchase expansion pack #1 players - please realize the expansion pack #1 players will be listed on your character lists (the characters are added in order of occurrence) - so do not assign the expansion pack #1 players to your guests, as you will not have the materials for those character roles.  

Click here for the invite and click here for the character list