Fun wine tasting murder mystery expansion pack

Wine murder mystery expansion pack #1

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    Note: this game was updated on 5/12/17. Please contact us if you purchased this pack prior to this date, as the pack has changed.  Also, if you purchased the main game prior to this date, and are just now purchasing the expansion pack, you'll either need to re-download the main game (by accessing your account) - or, contact us for the old version of this pack. 

    Do not purchase this kit without purchasing the Wine Tasting murder mystery party game. This is an instant download expansion pack including 8 additional characters - 4 female and 4 male (see the character list below).

    This document should be printed in addition to the original Wine Murder Mystery game kit. This is not a complete 'stand alone' game - it is only to be purchased if you are needing up to 8 additional characters for the game. Use as many expansion pack characters as you need - in any combination. Their materials look the same as the main game players so they'll never know they were an expanded character!  Note:  you are to play the expansion packs in order of occurrence, as the characters are added to the character list on both the free invite and guest pre-game site at Your Mystery Party.

    Need even more players in addition to this expansion pack - click here for expansion pack #2. 

    Click here for the character list and click here for the free invite


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    1. Wine Tasting and Dinner

      This was a big hit!!!! We had a lot of changing around...but still had fun!!! on Oct 25th 2021

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