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A Wild West Murder Mystery for 7-10 guests, ages 13+! Get ready for an awesome Wild West experience at the Gravestone Saloon! Spoil yourself, and choose the party ready option above, and our dedicated staff will fold and slip your clue cards for rounds one, two, and three into the envelopes to prevent you from seeing spoilers on the round cards.  Without this option selected, you will have some assembly required with your kit.  The download version is a different product and does not come with the party pack, as they are not seamless and materials should not be used together. 


Helpful Links:
Click here to view the character list!
Click here for the 8+ character expansion pack #1 character list  and click here for the invite for the 18 player kit
 Click here for the 8+ character expansion pack #2 character list and click here for the invite for the 26 player kit
Click here for the free, printable invitation!
Click here to view sample game materials.
Click here for the downloadable version!
Direct your guests to the corresponding invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'


The Party Pack Kit comes in five sizes: 

  • 10 player kit: Main game only - 10 players
  • 18 player kit: Main game plus 8 expansion pack players (characters #1-8 on the expansion pack)
  • 26 player kit: Main game plus 16 expansion pack players
  • 36 player kit: Main game, 16 expansion pack players, and 10 duplicate Pinkertoon Detectives 
  • 56 player kit: Main game, 16 expansion pack players, and 15 duplicate Pinkertoon Detectives and 15 duplicate Fur Traders


Mystery Synopsis - This explains the game flow at the party.

Given the current state of affairs in Gravestone, Arizona, the mayor feared for his life and hadn’t seen the sun in months.  With the last three sheriffs mysteriously shot in the back, Gravestone had become a lawless town run by a bunch of outlaws known as The Ranchers.

Wylie Arp, the sheriff of Duck City, Kansas, left his career as a lawman and traveled west to Gravestone with his brothers and friends.  He planned to sink his life savings into a business and live the rest of his days free from the stress of law enforcement.  Little did he know what was waiting for him in Gravestone.

Soon after Wylie and his group arrived in town, the mayor asked Bella Starry to invite everyone in town for a celebration.  The mayor had high hopes that Wylie and his brothers would consider taking over as the law enforcement in town and getting The Ranchers under control or better yet…running them out of town.

Everyone in town gathered at the Gravestone Saloon - even some of the Ranchers and other outlaws.  A reward poster surfaced, and rumors of codes hidden around town leading to a hidden treasure in the Gravestone Cave flew around the room. In order to avoid conflict at the celebration, the townspeople enjoyed cocktails and appetizers and Bella got the celebration going with some fun party games.

A delectable Wild West dinner was served, followed by more fun challenges enjoyed by the guests until someone was found to be murdered in cold blood!  The townsfolk rallied together to figure out whodunit, and a grueling investigation ensued.  Over coffee and dessert, the suspects came clean with their involvement with the crime and to everyone’s shock - the murderer confessed!    Overall, it was a night to be remembered by all.

How to host a large party (~56+ guests) with the Gravestone Saloon game
  • 10 unique players from the main game.
  • 16 unique players from both expansion packs
  • 15 (or more) players to play as duplicate Pinkertoon Detectives with Dom Horn (expansion pack #1) as their team leader. Each member of the group gets a 'Pinkertoon' card during each round.
  • 15 (or more) players to play as duplicate Red River Fur Traders with Sir Norman (expansion pack #2) as their team leader. Each member of the group gets a 'Fur Trader' card during each round. 

DIY options for food | decor: 
Follow My Mystery Party's board Gravestone. A Wild West Murder- Murder Mystery Party on Pinterest.
Minimum age:
13 years
Number of players:
7-10 players
Available expansion pack:
8 players, and 8 players
Expandable team players?:
Over 56 players with expandable teams from both expansion packs
Gender of players:


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    Posted by Barb Clark on Mar 9th 2020

    Used this Murder Mystery as a celebration of the ministry work completed in the last year at our church. Sometimes you get all caught up in the work of the church that you forget to have fun! This was the perfect celebration for teens to older adults and seniors. We had a blast! The food suggestions, props, outfits and awards ceremony were such a hit. No one had experience doing a murder mystery before and weren't sure what they were doing in Round 1, but that only added to the mystery. By Round 2 everyone was in full character and many laughs throughout the night. The extra challenges balanced out trying to figure out the mystery and the awards at the end of the night cinched the evening. I'd love to send you pictures if I knew where to upload them on your site! Highly recommend!!!