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A fun Christmas murder mystery party game for ages 13+! There are 8 required characters and 17 optional characters - 25 unique players altogether! Note: Santa isn't the only one that kicks the bucket in this game - one of the characters will get what's coming to him or her! This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees!  Easy to host, easy to prepare and you will have everything you need to play with the download - just print, prepare and play. Want the boxed set? No problem! Click on the link below under 'helpful links,' and have our staff prepare your kit.  You will receive a host instruction file, a printable file, and a solution file with your purchase. The free invitation is located below, under helpful links. 

This is the traditional in-person, mingling format. If you need a virtual game for Christmas to play on Zoom or other video chat platform - we got your back.  Click here for the virtual selection.  At this time, we do have a murder and non-murder virtual Christmas game. 

 Five out of ten for difficulty.


Game published 09/2013  Last revised 8/18/21

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Christmas mystery synopsis:

Christmas City is a charming city in the North Pole dedicated year-round to the Christmas holiday.  Popular businesses include Santa’s Workshop, which is the largest toy store in the world.  Another fabulous hot spot is The Gingerbread Shop, which is known for the most fashionable Christmas couture, and of course, people flock from all around the world to spend a day at the awe-inspiring Winter Wonderland Amusement Park.  Last but not least is The Egg Noggery which is a sweet shop world-renowned for their scrumptious gingerbread cookies and eggnog. Christmas City is also a popular vacation spot for the rich and famous as their ski slopes are the absolute best in the world.

Noel’s Tavern is the place to be in Christmas City where the locals relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of their lives in the city.  Each year, Noel’s Tavern hosts the annual Christmas Jamboree to celebrate the hard work of the laborers in town that make Christmas around the world possible.

This year, an exciting list of guests have RSVP’d for the party, and the manager of Noel’s Tavern has high hopes that this will be the biggest holiday celebration ever!

Unfortunately, the spirits of the citizens are dampened in Christmas City with the recent news of a heinous murder on Snowball Street.  None other than Old Saint Nick was gunned down in cold blood!  Currently, a vigorous investigation is underway, and the residents of Christmas City have become increasingly suspicious of each other.

Mayor Rudolph held a press conference and mandated the townspeople maintain business as usual. The mayor announced the annual bash at Noel's Tavern must go on, as Santa would have wanted it that way.

You have RSVP’d for the party and have your perfect holiday inspired outfit picked out.  This is where your story begins.

If you are hosting this game for profit or as a benefit to your organization/business you will need a commercial license.

More DIY options: 

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Minimum age:
13 years
Gender of players:
Co-ed or All Female
Number of players:
8-25 players
Available expansion packs:
5 players, and 5 players
Date of publication:
Last revised on 8/18/21


  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 31st 2016

    This game was a hit! Will be back for another very soon - my friends are dying to play again.

  • 5

    Posted by Sarah G. on Dec 31st 2016

    Great time! Great game! Great party overall. Couldn't be happier! Thank you to this company - will not go anywhere else. Thought the kit was easy to assemble, it had enough character roles for us and everyone felt included since they had someone to play during the game. Great ending!

  • 4
    I know who slayed Santa!

    Posted by Z. P. on Dec 19th 2016

    It's fun. We played all bonus games and the party took about 4 hours. Love that there were two mysteries, and everybody had a great time!

  • 5
    Hilarious fun!

    Posted by Chris P. from OK on Oct 10th 2016

    Great party, great fun. will be hosting another game soon! Love the service (spot on and quick), the host instructions were easy, and kit was relatively quick to set up. Next time though I will do the boxed one - it is probably worth the difference in price. Thank you to this company for putting on great mysteries