How to Host a Mystery Party Videos

The videos below will walk you through, step-by-step on how to plan and host a traditional, in-person mystery party game. This shows you the murder mystery format, but with non-murder games, instead of a victim, there will be another type of crime, but at the same time during round two.

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Traditional Mystery Party Games
The first video is How to Plan a Mystery Party - this is for your in-person, face-to-face mystery party game.  If you don't need help planning and just want to see our format and how to host our mystery parties, skip to the second video below.

The video below shows the basic format of the My Mystery Party games and walks you through How to Host a Murder Mystery Party.

How to Host a Virtual Mystery Party
Virtual mystery parties were added to our catalog in 2020. They may be played on any video chat platform, a combination of in-person and video chat and with small groups 4-5 players, they are the preferred format for in-person games.