Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Game

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An amazing Valentine's Day murder mystery (in-person) party for 6-12 guests, ages 15 and up for difficulty. Invite your best friends over and have a blast this Valentine's Day! This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees, so there's nothing to be shipped. Easy to host, easy to prepare.  Want the boxed version? Click on the link below the video under 'helpful links' to have our staff prepare your kit. 

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Helpful Links:

Click here to view the character list!
Click here for the free, printable invitation!
Click here to view the 8+ character expansion pack #1
Click here to view the 8 character expansion pack #2 (Must use in addition to Expansion Pack #1)
Click here to view sample game materials.
Click here to have My Mystery Party staff prepare your game kit!
Direct your guests to the corresponding invitation site at 'Your Mystery Party'

Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Synopsis:

In the lovely town of Amorville, Hanna and Harry Heart were enviable high school sweethearts. Ten years later, they are still the perfect couple. It’s time for the Hearts to host the traditional Valentine's Day soiree at the Mio Amore Cafe in the heart of downtown. They have invited all of their old friends from high school and cannot wait to catch up with what has been going on in their hometown. But something’s amiss in the town, as the past year has been filled with scandal, deceit, and contempt between everyone. The Hearts hope everyone on the guest list can put their differences aside, so they can host their yearly bash without chaos and misfortune!  You’ve been invited to the event. Even though your foes have sent in their RSVPs, you plan to attend the party.  This is where your story begins. 


  • 12 players from the main game 
  • 8 players from expansion pack #1(purchased separately)
  • Up to 15+ players on the Secret Agent Team with Kissy Dove (purchased separately with expansion pack #1)
  • Up to 15+ players on the Spice Entourage team with Lacey Sweet  (purchased separately with expansion pack #1)
  • 8 players from expansion pack #2 (purchased separately) 

Totals 28 unique player roles and 30+ expandable team roles = 58+ players in the game when you purchase both expansion packs!


If you wish to host this (or any other) game for profit, you will need a commercial license or provide us with your 501C number for a charity fundraiser - click here. 

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Minimum age:
15 years for difficulty
Number of players:
8-12 players
Available expansion pack:
8+ players in expansion #1, 8 players in expansion pack #2
Expandable team players?:
Expands to over 58 players with both expansion packs and expandable team players
Gender of players: