Valentine's Day murder mystery expansion pack #1

Valentine's Day Expansion Pack #1

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    **DO NOT PURCHASE THIS EXPANSION KIT WITHOUT PURCHASING THE 'TIL DEATH DO WE PART - VALENTINE'S DAY MURDER MYSTERY PARTY' GAME (download version).** This is an instant download expansion pack #1 including 8+ additional unique characters (4 M / 4 F with 2 being expandable characters). 

    This document should be printed in addition to the original download version of the 'Til Death do we Part game kit. This is not a complete 'stand alone' game - it is only to be purchased if you are needing up to 8+ additional unique characters. 

    Note: this game was updated on 12/27/17.  If you have purchased the main game license within the last year, you'll need to download the most current version of the main game from your account. This pack is only seamless with the updated version. 

    Click here for the invite and click here for the character list

    Your new Your Mystery Party site link that includes the main game and this expansion pack is: 


    • 12 players from the main game (purchased separately)
    • 8 players from expansion pack #1
    • Up to 15+ players on the Secret Agent Team with Agape Hugger
    • Up to 15+ players on the Spice Entourage team with Sugar Spice

     Totals 20 unique player roles and 30+ expandable team roles = 50+ players in the game!


    Need even more players?  Add expansion pack #2.  Expansion packs must be played in order.
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    1. Valentine’s Hit!

      We used the “Till Death Do Us Part” mystery party with both expansion packs. It was easy to get the materials ready for the game. Our friends all participated by dressing their parts and stayed in character. Everyone was very excited before the party and it couldn’t have gone better. We did light appetizers, a sit down fancy Valentine’s dinner & dessert. I basically got a standing ovation from 28 friends saying this was the best party ever! We throw huge Halloween parties for 75 to 100 people every year, so it was a big compliment that this one was such a hit. Everyone was begging to have more parties in the future. I just ordered a new one and have 2 more planned this year after that. Thank you, thank you My Mystery Party for a great product. We will be frequent customers! Can’t wait to throw the next party!!! on Feb 19th 2020

    2. Valentine's Day Murder Mystery

      The mystery materials were complete and easy to put together. We had a lot of fun - it was a great evening. on Feb 21st 2019

    3. Valentine Mystery Dinner Party

      We had more than 12 players so I purchased the expansion package. Perfect for those who wanted to participate in a small way. Great characters and additional roles that round off the additional players. Fun evening. on Feb 15th 2018