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ELIGIBILITY: Purchase this upgrade only if you have already purchased the license for an instant download mystery and would like to upgrade to a Party Pack or Party Ready Pack (with the clue cards slipped into the envelopes to prevent spoilers). The $71.00 upgrade is a prepared boxed kit for our standard 8 character mystery. You must select the game that you have purchased and need to upgrade from the drop down box above, as costs of party ready packs vary due to the number of players and game options. This upgrade doesn't give you a second active game license - this transfers the downloadable game license to the boxed set version. For multi-use, you'll need a commercial license. 

IF YOUR GAME &/OR KIT SIZE OF YOUR GAME IS NOT LISTED: For simplicity, we try to keep the drop-down box above short, so if your game is not listed, contact us via email at and we will add it for you within 24 hours. 

COST: You will not receive a credit for the download(s) you have purchased, as this is an upgrade of the download, transferring the game licensed to a boxed set version, that requires you to have purchased the download because this is a reduced-price kit. There is a $5 administrative fee included with this upgrade. The price of this upgrade already takes into account you've purchased the download(s). Example: the party pack is $150. The download cost you $50. The upgrade will be $105.  There is a $5.00 difference in price from the party park because of the admin fee. There is a 2$ fee for each expansion pack you upgrade, as well. 

GAME LICENSE: The game license for the instant download version will be transferred to the party ready pack version of the game.   If you do not see your option on the drop down box for the game or expansion pack that you desire, please contact us. We attempt to minimize our drop down when possible, as we have over 400 options with our kits. 

BONUS GAMES: Please note: the optional bonus games are likely to differ between the instant download and party ready pack. 




Your order should automatically link to your purchased game order, but as an extra precaution, especially for those who have purchased many games, please put the order number and game that you wish to upgrade in the text field of the shopping cart under 'custom comments.' Incorrectly placed orders will be canceled after 24 hours if we are unable to contact you.  We will not, under any circumstance, prepare the expansion packs out of order with your kit.  Please refer to the party ready pack page of the game you are playing to determine the characters you will receive when adding on expansion packs. 


Note: Kids' and non-murder kits do not have a victim sign, and may not have a forensic report - but rather may have various other materials included. If you want the optional materials shown in the picture above, you will need to select them from the drop down boxes above - they do not come with the standard kits.  Picture shown is the Party Ready version of the kit, which is an option above (to have your clue cards placed in envelopes). 

For large group games, such as Harrison House and Stratford Castle, if you upgrade to a smaller character number kit than the download, which has 75 characters, the price of the upgrade will adjust accordingly.  The downloadable game is priced at $1.506 per character. 

  • 75-character upgrade will have the full price of the download deducted from the party pack kit price. The party pack price for 75 players starts at $734.95. Deduct the $112.95 and add the $5 admin fee - the upgrade will be $627.00. 
  • 50-character upgrade will have $75.30 deducted from the 50-player party pack price for the upgrade. The party pack price for 50 players starts at $484.95. Deduct the $75.30 and add the $5 admin fee - the upgrade will be $414.65.
  • 30-character upgrade will have $45.18 deducted from the 30-player party pack price for the upgrade. The party pack price for 30 players starts at $284.95. Deduct the $45.18 and add the $5 admin fee - the upgrade will be $244.77.



  • 5
    We escaped from the room, identified our host and solved the murder!!!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 6th 2019

    What a great time we had this New Year's Eve! This is our third murder mystery from My Murder Mystery and we have enjoyed them all. The toga and pirate parties provided the most fun with costumes. The escape room was a great twist for us this time. Everyone used the color in their name to inspire their costume. Bobby Blue was a great prankster throughout the night. I broke the group into 2 teams for the escape room and they enjoyed comparing their times.

  • 5
    Great decision

    Posted by Unknown on May 11th 2018

    Decided to upgrade my download and it was the best decision ever. Materials came packed neatly, professional and they are not what you can do at home. Cannot wait for my party.

  • 5
    Great job, guys!

    Posted by Rima J. on Nov 8th 2016

    Big fan of these games. Long time host here. Tried others, but these are the #1 pick.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 25th 2016

    I was really impressed with the quality of the printed materials. Everything looks great and is printed on high quality paper.