The Final Trial | A fun family game to play at home for 1 to 100+ players of all ages

The Final Trial | A fun family challenge game

Instant download upon purchase (PDF, Video, and website)
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    A fun family game to play at home or on a video chat for 1 to 100+ players of all ages - it's best for at least one adult/teen to play with younger kids (4-6 years). This is a fun family activity that is great to play with kids that should take about an hour to play. You will engage in six challenges with riddles, puzzles, and more to find the alien and become a top-secret agent with Operation Owl. This game has video content, materials to print, and a corresponding website. For a video chat competition, they will need to print 2 pages of their file and not view them in advance of the game. For help with the video chat programs - please contact the program's technical support - we're here to assist with the game content and how to play, but aren't the best option for help with the actual video chat programs. 

     This is an instant download upon purchase - no shipping, no waiting, everything is available to you immediately. 

    2 out of 10 difficulty.

     You will receive: 

    • Host instructions for the parent/teen host.
    • Free invitation - click here. 
    • Materials for six challenges (cryptogram, memory test, word search, logic puzzle, A to Z, crossword). Only two pages will need to be printed.
    • An optional video chat game player packet - if you host this virtually, you'll send these packets to your players in advance. Only two pages will need to be printed.
    • Bio cards for six suspects. 
    • Seven clues to the mystery (find the alien in disguise among the suspects) to win from the challenges.
    • Three videos (*one is mandatory, but there is a backup script if you cannot play it) - *introduction, additional challenge, and solution.
    • Access to a password-protected site for the solutions - the host can (and should) play along without threat of challenges being spoiled.
    • Voting ballots.
    • Bonus games from The Party Host Handbook.
    • Menu suggestions.



    Operation Owl is a top-secret underground agency with an elite force of agents. Nobody outside of the organization knows what their true purpose is, but many have speculated that they might handle intergalactic strife. In other words – these are the women, men, and children who keep us safe from alien invasion. 

    You were accepted to the academy. There are ten rigorous trials that each candidate must complete before earning their badge. You’ve struggled but have fought your way to the tenth trial where you must use your intellect, skills, and intuition to win clues to help you find the alien in disguise.

    Are you worthy of becoming a secret agent for Operation Owl? 

    This is where your story begins.


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    1. Final Trial

      I bought this game for my grandson's 10yr Birthday Party. He and his 5 friends had a good time, although it was hard to keep their attention on the game & them into being a character. Mostly, I think they couldn't really relate to the characters & their career titles (which are part of the clues) - maybe better for teenagers? I think it would have been easier for them had they played online (rather than in person). But we did have a blast! Thank you!

      Thank you so much for your feedback, and we are super happy you had a blast! We do want to clarify here that the players are not supposed to play a character role. This is a challenge-based game where they solve/beat challenges to ultimately win clues to find the alien from six suspects. From what I can gather, it seems like you assigned the suspects to your players - but that's not what was intended :) Again, we're glad you had a blast!
      on Dec 1st 2020

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