St. Patrick's Murder Mystery Expansion Pack

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This is an instant download expansion pack including 5 additional unique characters (3 FEMALE, 2 MALE) for the Murder at the Shakin' Shamrock Pub Mystery Party Game(see the character list below). 

 Your new guest pre-game site is 

Click here for the host character list

Click here for the free invitation that includes the expansion pack players. 



Hosting a large party with this game

  • 18 unique players in the main game (purchased separately)
  • A team of 15+ comics with Hilar O’Shea (purchased separately with the main game)
  • A team of 15+ moochers with Takey McTakerton (purchased separately with the main game)
  • 5 unique players from expansion pack #1 
  • A team of 15+ deputies with Sheriff Nelson (comes with expansion pack #1)

Therefore, you have the ability to invite at least 70 people to your event. You could stretch to ~ 80 or so by adding more players to each team.