St. Patrick's Murder Me, I'm Irish Mystery

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This is a fun, in-person (traditional mingling format) 8-18+ character St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party, ages 15+ for difficulty. This party can be played as co-ed or all-female with required players. This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game - no waiting, no shipping fees, as nothing needs to be shipped! Everything you need is included in the download.  Easy to host, easy to prepare.  The game may be expanded to over 70 guests by using the main game, expansion pack, and expandable team players. 

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Difficulty level.

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St. Paddy's Murder Mystery Synopsis:

St. Paddy’s Day’s around the corner. The Shakin’ Shamrock Pub will soon be rockin’ and rollin’ with a full house of intriguing Irish gents and ladies from the quaint town of Old Lacken. The hosts will kick off the party with delectable Irish food, fun party games, and great chats between fabulous people.  However, some of the customers are rivals and don’t get along – especially given the recent scandals lurking about in town. The management of the Shakin’ Shamrock is aware of the potential problems, and promises to keep the party going without an incident.  You scored a ticket to the St. Paddy’s bash. This is where your story begins. 

Here's the breakdown of how to host a large game with up to ~70 guests including 23 unique characters and the rest of the guest list divided under the expandable teams (see character lists below for details):
  • 18 unique players from the main game.
  • 5 unique players from expansion pack #1
  • 15 duplicate comics and friends of Hilar O'Shea from the main game.
  • 15 duplicate duplicate moochers and friends of Takey McTakerton from the main game.
  • 15 duplicate deputies led by Sheriff Nelson, Expansion Pack #1.

To get up to 70, you can add another guest to any of the expandable team groups.

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Minimum age:
15 years for difficulty
# of players:
8-18+ players
Expansion pack:
5 players
Expands to over 70 with expanded teams (including the expansion pack)
Gender of players:
Co-ed, or All Female (but not with all players, see character lists for details)